The relationship of TV’s famous actress Anita Hasanandani and her husband Rohit Reddy continues to be discussed. Despite being from two different fields, there is a lot of synergy between the two. Its hallmark was seen when husband Rohit wished Anita at the wedding anniversary. Rohit shared a photo with Anita.

While Anita is a TV actress, her husband Rohit Reddy is a businessman. The two first fell in love and then both got married.

Their relationship is not only different in their relationship, but the culture is also very different, but the synergy between the two looks very good. While Anita is a Sindhi girl, Rohit comes from a Telugu background.

They both fell in love with each other, then both got married in October 2013. This couple was also discussed at the time when Anita had told about pregnancy.

On October 14, Anita and Rohit are celebrating the wedding anniversary. This is his seventh anniversary.

Rohit has shared a photo on his social media page wishing Anita a wedding anniversary. In the photo, both are quite romantic poses. The photos are very beautiful too.

Anita and Rohit are going to be parents soon. It is being said that his child will be born in February 2021. During this, Rohit is taking special care of Anita.

Anita had announced the news of her pregnancy in a very special way. She shared a video with husband Rohit.



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