Charan Charan Singh University has abolished the obligation to send the paper again in the relevant code in case of failure, average number is low or back. Students will now be able to obtain the prescribed marks by re-examination in any of the two paper codes with the lowest marks. It was not allowed to change the paper code yet. When doing so, the students were not allotted the numbers received in the respective codes. Under the new rules, students will be able to take the exam in two paper codes with the lowest marks repeatedly. Overall, the university will have the responsibility of passing the degree to the student. However, in the annual examination, students are neither exempted from time-bound category nor have the facility of re-back. There is a facility of back paper only once in the annual examination. Failure in this also means that X will have to give the entire paper of the same year again to the student.

It will now be in the semester system,
according to the university, paper codes are allotted from 101 to 107 in a subject. The student gave papers, but did not pass or could not get the average number of 40 per cent. The student gave papers in two codes 101 and 102. Numbers in it increased but did not pass or average numbers were not completed. In the earlier rules, the student was obliged to retake the exam in these two paper codes, but in the new rules, the student can also choose two such codes which have the lowest number. After passing it, if the student feels that it has not passed, then one can choose two other paper codes again. According to sources, the university wanted to change its result software from the first rule, but it could not be done. In the end, the university gave big relief to the students by implementing new rules.


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