Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officials investigating the Hathras incident reached Hathras on Wednesday for the second consecutive day. The CBI team, which arrived at the temporary office located in Hathras agriculture department building, has called the victim’s family members for questioning. After this, the SDM and police reached the temporary office of the CBI with the victim’s father and two brothers from the village where they are being questioned. Let us tell you that on Wednesday morning, the CBI issued summons and called the three brothers of the victim for questioning.

Earlier on Tuesday, the CBI team questioned the victim’s brother for a quarter to four hours. The CBI searched the mauka-ka-vaadat, ie, the bajra field for about three and a half hours. He also visited the place of burning the girl’s funeral pyre. After questioning the family members of the victim’s house, the team took the young woman’s brother along. After interrogating him for about a quarter to four hours, the team rescued him from the village.

After a thorough investigation at the site of burning the pyre, the
team reached the farm where the body was burnt directly on the Parsauli road. Took ashes and some ashes from the pyre. Media was kept several meters away in the proceedings. On this occasion, the team also picked up some samples from the spot. At that time, the team members were also questioned by the villagers present on the spot and nearby. The team left after spending about 40 minutes here.

The next few weeks, the CBI team will remain in
Hathras, Vineet Jaiswal, SP of Hathras, said that the CBI team had asked for documents related to the case, including the evidence collected during the investigation and the case diary. A senior policeman said that 15 CBI officers are expected to be in Hathras for the next few weeks for investigation.


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