After rhetoric, claims and counter-accusations and many sensational theory, the CBI has taken up the Hathras case. It has been almost 27 days since this incident, but the question has not arisen from its place that who killed the daughter of Hathras?

First Hathras police, then SIT and now CBI have started investigating this case and now people are hopeful that CBI, who is proficient in investigating criminal cases, will bring such facts, witnesses and evidence, so that everything is clear in this case Will go.  

Till now SIT was investigating this matter. When the SIT started the investigation to know the truth of the day of the incident i.e. 14 September, then the whole 40 people were on its target. These 40 people of the village have been questioned or are to be questioned. These 40 people are those who were working in the surrounding fields on September 14, the accused and the victim’s house are among them. 

At the same time, the High Court has also interfered in this case. The hearing is scheduled for Monday in the High Court. Between the CBI and the SIT investigation, there are some basic questions which are arising in everyone’s mind. 

The biggest question is, who killed the girl in the field on September 14?
-Why did the girl not talk about her alleged rape in the first day’s statement?
-The victim spoke of rape in the last statement but why is the medical report to the contrary?
After the death of the victim on September 29, why was her body burnt in the darkness of night in a hurry?

These are some such questions, for which CBI will have to find answers to this case. CBI will also get help from the investigation of SIT so far. But a big trick is that the victim’s family does not trust the CBI investigation. The victim’s family is repeatedly saying that they trust only and only on judicial inquiry. 

In the Hathras case, the victim’s family was saying from the beginning that they did not trust the police and the SIT. After that the Yogi government had recommended a CBI inquiry, the central agency took over the investigation as soon as the CBI got the green signal for the investigation. 

The CBI’s challenges have increased amidst the doubts of the victim’s family. Allegations of spreading riots through the Hathras incident are coming up. The role of the PFI has been reported in this case. It is being claimed that some PFI members have also been arrested. 

Now the CBI has to reach the truth based on the evidence from eyewitnesses to forensic investigation. The task is not easy but the country’s most professional investigative agency will reach the bottom of this case.


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