Actress Afshan Azad revealed the pregnancy, shared a picture with baby bump and wrote - will be delivered in July

Care Should Be Taken At Every Stage Of Pregnancy: You May Know These Things: A full gestation period is forty weeks or 280 days. Pregnancy is divided into three stages (trimesres) to distinguish the growth of the baby and the critical periods of pregnancy. Phase I is the first 12 weeks (three months) of this. 13 to 25 weeks (four to six months) is divided into second stage and 26 to 40 weeks (seventh month to delivery) is divided into third stage.

It is in the first stage that one should be more careful. It is at this stage that the embryo develops into a baby. Various problems caused by becoming pregnant, especially nausea, vomiting and fatigue are common at this time. The first trimester is the time when the fetus takes shape and the organs begin to grow.

Care In The Early Days

The first 30 days of pregnancy do not require special attention. But the 60 days from the 31st day are the most important. This is the time when the baby has all its organs. At that time when every organ such as the heart and brain is formed, the drugs used by the pregnant woman, food, and even things that reach through the breath of the pregnant woman can affect the child.

Children are more likely to develop disabilities at this time. Miscarriages are also more common at this stage. It is advisable to avoid traveling in two-wheelers and auto-rickshaws on this occasion, which cause strain on the body. Loss of appetite, fatigue and vomiting are common in the early months.

Hormonal Changes Are Known

Due to hormonal changes, anxiety is also high in pregnant women at this time. Adequate rest is essential. It would be good to change the diet too. Eat more during these months. It is also good to eat close. Drinking water and fruits is also good.

Do not eat immediately after waking up in the morning. It is better to eat after a walk. Similarly, it is better to eat two hours before going to bed and then go to bed after walking for a short distance. Many discomforts can be removed by this.

Can Prevent Infection

If you feel the need to urinate, do not delay. If the urine is stagnant, there is a risk of infection. Liquid food can be taken occasionally.

All normal work can be done at this time. Sex or short trips are not dangerous. Medicines other than folic acid tablets are not usually needed in early pregnancy.

Phase II Changes

Physical changes appear in the pregnant woman from the beginning of the second stage. Breasts will begin to enlarge. By the 14th week, the baby’s growth will be rapid. And the pregnant woman’s abdomen will be swollen and the pregnancy will be evident. By about 20 weeks, all the organs of the fetus are formed and it starts to grow into a full-fledged baby.

There will be noticeable changes in the physical activities of the pregnant woman. The functioning of various internal organs such as the heart and lungs will become more active. Blood volume will increase. As a result of this, more nutrients are needed. To replace it, eat more nutritious food. Iron tablets and calcium tablets should be taken as per the doctor’s prescription to get adequate amounts of calcium and iron.


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