Sanjay Dutt arrives midway on the set of 'Shamshera' to cure cancer, seen in this condition, photo viral

Cancer Warning Signs: Beware Of Cancer! These 5 Signs Should Not Be Neglected In Any Way: If cancer is detected early or a little earlier, it has very good treatment. The patient also recovered. But first of all it is necessary to recognize the early symptoms of the disease and take appropriate measures.

Experts say there are now many modern diagnostic tests to diagnose cancer. Just need awareness. In other words, when cancer attacks, various symptoms appear in our body at first. We need to watch out for such symptoms.

However, the presence of symptoms does not necessarily mean that cancer is present. However, if careful and urgent tests are done, the disease can be detected before the disease progresses and treatment can be started.

1) Rapid weight loss: Be careful if you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time without any reason.

2) Fatigue: Fatigue is not the kind of fatigue that occurs in the body after a long day of work. Symptoms of fatigue caused by cancer are slightly different. Fatigue after work can be relieved by adequate rest. However, feeling sluggish all day long, and feeling unmotivated for anything can be a sign of cancer. Because cancer cells start growing by stealing various vitamins and minerals that enter the body through food. As a result, the body lacks real nutrients. That is why tiredness and fatigue appear.

However, there can be many other reasons behind feeling tired and fatigued. And not all of those factors may be related to cancer. However, if fatigue occurs and fatigue becomes a problem in daily life, consult a doctor.

3) Fever: Due to seasonal changes, colds and coughs are accompanied by fever. Viral fever usually heals in three to five days. In that case, there is nothing to worry about. However, repeated fevers within a short period of time may actually be associated with cancer. So, if the fever is frequent, look at a few things— • Whether the fever is coming at night or not. • No other signs of infection. • What is sweating during sleep at night?

4) Pain: Pain can be a symptom of many diseases. Diseases may not be associated with cancer. However, if there is constant pain in different parts of the body and no specific cause can be found, one should be careful. Such unexplained pain may be associated with cancer.

Cancer pain is also characterized by— • Tumor-like swelling somewhere in the body. Tumors can be painful when touched. Pain may also appear around the tumor. However, breast cancer tumors may not cause pain.

Even if cancer starts to spread, pain can occur in different parts of the body. Therefore, if the body experiences any pain and you do not understand the exact source of the pain, consult a doctor.

5) Skin Changes: Our skin is the largest organ of the body. And the skin is the only window to see if any problem is developing inside our body. For example, one of the symptoms of jaundice is the yellowing of the skin. Jaundice can also be caused by cancer. So take care of the skin. Be alert for signs of jaundice.

Be careful if a mole grows on the skin. Be careful if multiple moles suddenly start forming on the body. Especially if the size of the mole is different, you must consult a doctor.


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