Calling People To Kill People With Advertising! Then You Will Be Shocked To Hear What Was Done: In March 2001, a strange ad appeared on a website called ‘Cannibal Cafe’ in Germany. A well-built 18 to 30-year-old, who wants to be voluntarily slaughtered and whose meat is to be consumed after killing, can apply: “a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed”. Advertiser is a computer mechanic. The name is Armin Meibus. Born in 1961. This strange advertisement also received a response. Armin also liked one of the applicants. The man is an engineer by profession. Came from Berlin. The name is Jurgen Brandis. But he is forty-three.

What happened next makes me shudder. These two met in a small village in Germany, Rottenberg. Brandeis was knocked unconscious by taking twenty sleeping pills and a bottle of cough syrup. Then his penis was cut with a chopper. As it could not be chewed raw, the severed penis was cut into small pieces and fried in a mixture of salt, garlic, and wine. By then, Brandeis had died of excessive bleeding. Armin Meibus (Cannibalism) ate his flesh for the next 10 months.

He was arrested by the police in 2002. He was caught after posting a second advertisement for the same purpose. A student informed the police. The police came and searched his house and found pieces of bone. In 2004, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment.
He is now a complete vegetarian in prison. However, he said, there are at least 800 such cannibals in Germany. (Cannibalism)

That the Meibus hypothesis is not false is proved by an almost identical incident in 2020. Knowing all of this, Berlin court judge Matthias Schertz shuddered: “In my three-decade career, I have never seen anything like this.”

This cannibal is a former teacher by profession. Age 42. Homosexual by nature. Let’s say the name is Stefan. Through dating apps, he used to create love relationships with people of his choice. Then he was called home and killed by taking drugs and eating his penis and testicles (Cannibalism). He believed that playing with the genitals of men increases sexual power.

One day in November 2020, some human bones were found lying in the park near Stephen’s house. A German police investigation began. Forensic analysis of the bones revealed that they belonged to a 43-year-old missing man. A missing diary was already registered in his name at the local police station. Then the police found the cannibal Stefan’s address by searching the phone records of the deceased. Searching the house, it is seen that there are blood stains and some special weapons all over the house. A blood sample was tested and found to be that of the deceased. Although initially denied, Stefan finally admitted to the court that he had killed and eaten the person (Cannibalism). The court also sentenced this cannibal to life imprisonment.

In Kerala, many people were shocked by the sacrifice of two women to become big men overnight. It is heard that the accused couple cooked and ate the meat of a particular part of the dead body. But the story of cannibalism is not new in world history.

Cannibalism and cannibalism among primitive barbarian races or among Tantric sects is well known. Cannibals are reported to exist in Congo, Fiji, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, etc. From time to time, we hear about the heinous activities of deranged serial killers from different countries. Cannibalism is also mentioned in Bankimchandra’s novel ‘Anandmath’ written against the backdrop of Manvantar in the 1970s. But the whole world was shocked by the news that a civilized man of modern Europe could invite another man to his house and kill him and eat his flesh.


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