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Business Ideas: Those Who Want To Start A New Business Should Follow These 7 Ideas…!: 2022 has arrived. Customers are looking for the brand name of which product to buy and which service to use. Earlier they used to buy every necessary thing wherever they could find it. They used to use the service but now they look for the brand name whether they want to buy a thing or take food. It is said that the value of the brand has increased. Customers also keep this in mind. So for that, I am going to explain to you the top seven franchising business ideas with a good brand name and more income.

1) Apollo Pharmacy Friends, after Corona came to us, this pharmacy has become so much that seven out of ten people are taking medicine compulsively. To start this business, we need a minimum investment of 5 lakhs. Also, 10 to 15 meters of space is required. Also, we have to appoint one or two employees who have experience in pharmacy.. You have to go to WW. Apollo pharmacy. in the website which is the official website and you have to put a mail in the contact page. Then the company will contact you and send you a mail.

If You Want To Start A New Business Follow These 7 Ideas

2) Vadi: The second is Mother Dairy Franchise Friends Milk is a daily community essential. Without milk, many types of business would cease to exist. So for that, if we start such a franchise, our sales will be continuous. This means that even if the lock is downloaded in all businesses, this daily competition or when such shops will open.

3) 1st: Small tea carts are now offered by various companies offering these tea franchises. If we make the best of them and start our business we will get good profits. But we can start even if a small space of 100 square feet to 200 square feet is enough for us. The fourth one is to make a mobile store and the mobile store will provide us with these mobile stores

4) For example, companies like Real Me, Redmi App Vivo, and Big C Sangeet are offering this mobile fan to us. Also, the customers need the necessary axis and repair section for them. By starting such a mobile France, you can earn good profits by providing mobile sales as well as accessories sales and repair services. To start such a business, you need to spend a minimum of 2 lakhs.

5) 1st: Ice cream friends eat ice cream very much. Everyone from children to adults, so if these also have high sales, then in the market, we have ice creams in functions like weddings, birthdays, and mature functions. If you want to plan and start then you have to go to the website and send a mail to the company. They will contact you and discuss the deal with you.

6) After that, websites like Amazon Flipkart which has gone down in online shares of logistic business friends are offering franchises under this logistic delivery partner. So if we take this kind of Francis then we can get a good income in this too because we have a lot of stock that comes from online sales. We need a bit more space for you to store. But Amazon has a planned channel under amazon delivery partner. After that, when it comes to Flipkart, there is a delivery called this cat, so we can take any of these two and start a business in our area. In this logistic business, we definitely need 2 wheeler and four wheelers. Because we have to do mobile electronics online as well as big items and you have the option to contact the company with full details about it. As far as Flipkart is concerned, if you put a mail on the website, you will have the option to apply for this card under the logistic parlor.

7) After that Courier Franchedi Friends, this courier service has been very useful for us to transport documents, letters, or any small items since old times. It is still running successfully. So government-related documents or documents or notices related to court anywhere we are transacted in couriers. So if we start DTDC or professional courier then we can get good income. Such will cost around 50 to 1 lakh rupees. That means if we go to the websites of and enter the courier requirement with our Pincode and set it, we will have the option of giving this courier franchise to our area.


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