In view of the fast growing cases of Corona infection in the country and the election of five legislatures, the budget session of Parliament is expected to end before its scheduled time. Meanwhile, the government has also started to dispose of its legislative functioning rapidly. If everything goes well, the budget session will end this week.

The most important function of the budget session is the financial functioning, which has been completed on Wednesday from both houses of Parliament. Some important government bills are left which they are busy in speeding up. According to sources, the current session of Parliament can be concluded on Thursday. Although the long-term agenda that the government had brought before the session has not yet been completed, all its important bills have been passed.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the second phase of the budget session of Parliament, all the opposition parties had demanded to end the session before the scheduled time of April 8, so that they can participate in the election campaign. In view of this, an agreement was reached to conclude the Parliament session before Holi. It can now be implemented.

Speculation of Thursday being the last day of the session: According to sources, Thursday may be the last day of the current session, although it has not been officially announced yet. In fact, all the leaders of the ruling party and the opposition are busy campaigning for the five assemblies these days. In the Lok Sabha, the Congress has also had to change its leader. The Congress has appointed Ravneet Singh Bittu as its leader in view of Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary’s busyness in the West Bengal elections. Apart from the Trinamool Congress, DMK, AIADMK, Left parties, all the BJP leaders are busy in the assembly elections these days.


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