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BTS: Are Jin and Jimin dealing with solo MVs?: BTS has been on a break since June 2022. The Bangtan Boys – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook – have since dealing with their performance projects. BTS shared that they would be focussing on their independent exercises from this time forward. Be that as it may, the gathering has not disbanded. BTS individuals have been venturing out forward and backward to different objections on their own timetables. They have been away from the communications with ARMYs also given the way that they have been dealing with their performance projects. Also, it appears, Jin and Jimin are chipping away at their independent MVs now. For what reason do we suspect as much? Peruse on…


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Jin and Jimin dealing with solo ventures

In Hollywood News as of late, it was RM’s birthday which was all the rage. Kim Namjoon commended his 28th birthday celebration (29 Korean Age) on the twelfth of September. He came live on Weverse to commend something similar with the ARMYs. RM uncovered that his independent collection is practically finished and that he trusts it gets delivered before the current year’s over. Discussing Jin and Jimin, the oldest BTS part traveled to the US several days prior. He apparently flew close by HYBE’s inventive chief and Lumpens’ maker. Then again, Jimin, who passed up wishing RM on his birthday, uncovered on Weverse that he had been recording constantly.


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