BSEB Bihar Board Class 10 Exam 2021: Bihar Board Matriculation Annual Exam 2021 will start from Wednesday today. The exam will run from 17 to 24 February. On the first day, there will be a science subject examination on Wednesday. Section 144 has been imposed around the examination center to prevent duplication.

Examiners will get admission in the examination center up to ten minutes in advance. After this the main gate of the examination center will be closed. If the candidate’s admit card is lost or missed, admission will be obtained from Aadhaar number, PAN card, voter card etc. For the first time in the matriculation examination, 100% additional options will be given in every subject. There will be an additional option for each question. This will facilitate the candidates to answer.

A total of 16 lakh 84 thousand 466 candidates will be included in the examination. These include eight lakh 37 thousand 803 girls and eight lakh 46 thousand 663 students. According to the board, half of the total candidates will appear in the first shift and half of the candidates in the second shift. The examination is being done in two shifts due to the high number of candidates. First shift will start from 9.30 am and second shift at 1.45 am. The first shift candidate will get the last admission till 9.20 pm. Candidates of the second shift will be able to enter only by 1.35 pm. Students who arrive at the center after this will not be given admission.

The picture of the
candidate will remain on the answer sheet, the photo of the candidate who is on the admit card of the candidate, the scanned photo of the candidate will be on the OMR answer sheet and the answer sheet. This will match the candidate with the OMR answer sheet and answer sheet. In this case it will be very easy to catch fake students. This arrangement made by the board will reduce the number of fake students. For the convenience of the candidate, all the details on all the OMR answer sheets and answer sheets will be pre-printed in all subjects. This includes the candidate’s name, roll number, roll code, subject code, etc.

Control room has started Control room has been started
by the board for matriculation examination from Tuesday. The control room will run till 24 February. In case of any problems during this period, the number 0612-2230009 can be contacted.

Instructions for the candidate:
– Admission will be available at the center with the admit card.
– Use black and blue pens to answer.
– Fill OMR answer sheet with black and blue pen also.
– You can go to the exam wearing a shoe-stocking.
– Do not go to the center with any kind of electronic goods.
– Access will be given only by applying mask on the mouth.
– Answer the objective question in one and a half hours after the commencement of the examination and return it.

Instructions for Kendrapadhikars:
– Take care of social distancing at the time of the candidate’s admission.
– At the time of admission, the examinee will be fully examined.
– Female police will investigate girl students.
– A distance of two-three feet is to be placed in the middle of a bench-desk.
– Section 144 will remain in force within a radius of two hundred meters outside the examination center.

Instructions for the observers
– Every class will have at least two speculators .
– There will be one speculator on 25 examinees. After examining the examinee, the speculator must fill the declaration form.
– There will be a set of ten question papers. The question should be distributed among the students in such a way that the students sitting next to it do not get the same set of question papers.
– Keep the mobile off during the exam.

Bihar Board President Anand Kishore said that the preparation for the malpractice-free matriculation examination has been completed. All centers will be monitored with CCTV cameras. Videography is provided at every center. In case of mass misconduct, the examination of the concerned center will be canceled.


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