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Broader Discussions Should Arise, B.Ed Education Sector Being Reserved For The Rich: There is no change in the B.Ed curriculum according to the period. They still have to follow outdated programs. What is the logic in increasing the fee when all these problems remain unchanged?

Teacher education institutions in Kerala are being changed in such a way that the backward classes cannot enter. At present, there are limited B.Ed colleges under various universities in Kerala. Most of them are non-profit colleges.

There are only a limited number of university centers in the B.Ed sector. Unrestricted applications are coming every year for teacher education after a degree / PG. But Due to difficulties including the availability of seats, a large number of people are being expelled.

Not only that Making the teacher education sector a field that can only be managed by the economically eliteAccordingly, to WP (C) No. 23209/2021, WP (C) No. The Higher Education Department has issued an order dated 7-2-2022 implementing the judgment of the Kerala High Court on Writ Petitions No. 3432/2021. According to it, 50 percent of merit students in self-help colleges will get Rs. 45,000/ (Rupees Forty-Five Thousand), and the remaining 50 percent of Management students Rs. 60,000/ (Rupees Sixty Thousand) is also suggested to be paid as fee henceforth.

Admission to the last 2021-2023 B.Ed batches was done as per the prospectus issued by the respective universities at that time. University of Calicut 9-9-2021 and Kannur University As per the prospectus issued on 24-9-21, it is stated that Rs.29,000 will be charged as an annual tuition fee from the students of Self Financing Colleges.


The month of September 2021 University of Kerala’s 29000 annual tuition fee is also mentioned in the issued prospectus. MG UniversityFees as per the prospectus is no different. Students have taken admitted to the colleges according to the said prospectus.


But WP (C) no. 23209/2021, WP (C) No. Pursuant to the order issued by the Department of Higher Education on 7-2-2022 implementing the judgment of the High Court of Kerala on Writ Petitions No. 23432/2021, 50 percent merit students will receive Rs. 45,000/ (Rupees Forty-Five Thousand) and the remaining 50 percent Management students – Rs. 60,000/ (Rupees sixty thousand) is also suggested to be paid as a fee.


Actually, this is a denial of justice against the students who have taken admitted on the basis of a prospectus. The situation is now being observed that students who have taken admitted to various universities for the B.Ed batch 2021-2023 on the basis of the then-existing prospectus are being charged illegally revised fees months after the commencement of the course. The order of the Higher Education Department as per the court order has also mentioned that the revised fee may be collected from the students on 1-1-2022.


It should also be seen that the fact that self-financing colleges collect huge sums of money as donations from students taking admissions for management seats has brought their annual tuition fees up to 60000. The court order is completely leaving the B.Ed sector to profiteers. It is to be seen that this level of legal support for self-financing colleges in other sectors will lead to severe disparity in the coming times.

The government cannot be blamed, they have tried to manage the court order as much as possible. The management associations, which have been repeatedly approaching the court, are left with no option but to implement the judgment which has been repeated in favor of the associations.

Currently, the student organization that has addressed this issue is SFI. They have issued a precise statement and demanded the ‘withdrawal of the increased fee’. The matter has also been shown in the right document which they are going to submit to the Kerala government the next day, raising about 60 demands of the students in various fields.


For ages, there is no kind of update in the B.Ed curriculum. There is no change in the syllabus of student teachers according to the period. They still have to follow outdated programs. What is the logic in increasing the fees when all these problems remain unchanged? What is the standard of all this?

It is a fact that the B.Ed program is also part of the aid available to many people including myself. There are many people around who do not have this. What will they do?

Things are getting dangerous. More Rajini S. May Anandmar not be repeated


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