Abhishek Bachchan is ready once again. You will know how much is ready by watching this web series. Preparations have been going on for the last 20 years to become a good actor. He was successful in this endeavor in films like Yuva, Guru, Bunty, and Babli, but the number of flops in his account is so high that in this competition he has beaten the early films of his father Amitabh Bachchan. Here this comparison is necessary because Abhishek Bachchan has described himself as a colleague of Amitabh Bachchan in an interview with one of his earlier questions. Whoever may have given the idea of ​​giving an interview to Abhishek Bachchan, must have also created the idea of ​​his debut series. Both are absolutely puffed up.

Prime Video made a great web series with the name Breed. People liked the game of mouse and mouse between R Madhavan and Amit Sadh. Everyone was waiting for Breath 2 but the company that made it was Breath into the Shadows. If you ask in a single line, the story is the same, a father’s killing of others to save the life of his child. There was a case of organ donation. It is of contribution here. The same two policemen are now working in Delhi NCR to catch the killer who was earlier doing it in Mumbai. Brother, the job of the police department is of the state government, such transfers do not take place.

The story here is about the disappearance of a baby girl Siya, whose father Avinash Sabharwala talks to Agyan with an accent. Why? His wife, who works as a chef, hardly knows Aura. It is said that this man is a nobleman and the court considers his arguments. It is not known due to accents or any other reason, because a newbie knows more than the knowledge he gives. They receive a letter, an iPad and a task from Hades, weeks after the daughter of this couple, who lives in Swargloke, went missing. Obviously, this task is not the last. The husband and wife have to save the life of their child. The husband also asks what will he become after all this. The wife calms her child-friendly curiosity and tries to justify the reason for her becoming a murderer. Oops!

This is the second form of the story of how much politics goes on within the police department in the era of the police who have made Vikas Dubey’s encounter with the vehicle. Mayank Sharma has probably seen Satyamev Jayate a lot while writing the series, so all the dialogues of the series seem to remind him of Milan Jhaveri again and again, but the policemen are just not going to widen their eyes and flash the flashlight. To watch a series of 12 episodes, you have to give this debut series of Abhishek A. Bachchan (that’s his new name) of his life for close to nine hours. And, the result? Exactly what has happened with the first seven films of Abhishek’s career.

The handwriting of the series is such that if it is pulled by holding a wire of any one of the episodes, then the whole series comes out full. Meaning that it is not right to say too much about the story like commenting on the performances of Abhishek A Bachchan and Nitya Menon. Throughout the series, both of them have covered a flat face on the face, behind them all their emotions keep going. Neither the sense of restlessness to save the daughter nor the task of masked human in the appointed time nor the problem of water appears. The emphasis that Amit Sadh has put on building his body here, may not have been as much emphasis on the character. He is doing so many series in the sense of wholesale, at times he may not even know where in the shooting he left at the end of the story.

Breath into the Shadows has a weak performance, its story, direction, and the flat acting of the lead characters, this time the background music of the series was also less than the first season. Yes, the fellow cast members of the series have done a better job. Saiyami Kher did his job as much as he could. The characters and expansions of Hrishikesh Joshi, Shruti Bapna, Resham Srivardhankar, and Shraddha Kaul would have been beneficial for the series. The matter is not settled this time, the disappointment is going to be more than this series for those who are expecting a wonderful thriller after the first season of Breath from the second season of this series.


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