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Brazil Team Becomes Hospital, Sea Change In Team Selecao Against Cameroon: Previously, the discussion was only about Neymar and Danilo’s ankle injuries. But with what is happening gradually, it will not be wrong to call the Brazil team a small hospital before the Cameroon match. And the new reason for conversion to this hospital is ‘flu’. No one can say how this unknown ‘flu’ got a foothold in the Brazilian camp. After hearing everything, the Brazilian camp is worried. However, there is a glimmer of hope in the midst of worry – Neymar has recovered from his ankle injury. Danilo is on the way to a fitting.

The Brazilian side back also started training on this day. Danilo injured his left ankle. A CT scan was done at the site of his injury on Wednesday. That report is quite promising. On this day, he also did light exercises under the supervision of physiotherapists and trainers. If everything goes well, there is a strong possibility that Danilo will return to the field from the pre-quarterfinals of the World Cup. Neymar can also be seen in the final sixteen. And the Brazilian superstar himself is hoping for that comeback. Neymar is not in team practice for six consecutive days due to this. He trained separately in the pool session. However, Selecao’s ‘heart’ has been shown very clearly there. According to himself, the ankle injury has come down to ‘zero’. That is, he is feeling much healthier than before. However, he is still not fully fit even after recovering from an injury. Because everyone from Neymar to Vinicius Junior is more or less affected by the unknown ‘flu’. As a result, along with injuries, a mild fever attacked the Brazil camp.

Coach Tite is not willing to take any risk before the match due to natural reasons. He is making massive changes in the team to eliminate injury and flu sufferers. Tite is making the first eleven by replacing ten footballers from the first eleven of the previous two matches.

It’s hard to say whether coach Tite or team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar is currently the most committed to preparing the team for the next matches in the Brazil camp. The number of footballers currently affected by injuries and fever in the Brazil camp is seven. And if you look at the names on the list of ailments, any Brazil fan will have an unknown fear in his chest. Not the opponent, the injury, and this unknown fever, Brazil will not be caught in the knockout of the World Cup!

Take a look at the names of footballers with injuries and fevers. Neymar- ankle injury and viral fever. Danilo – ankle injury. Alex Sandro – Hip and Thai muscle injury. Antony — Uneasiness after rising from fever. Paqueta- viral fever. Vinicius Jr. – Viral fever. Alison — Fever with a feverish feeling of discomfort.

Apart from the Brazilian technical team, the entire medical team is now trying to figure out how to quickly combat this viral fever. As soon as the news of the mini-hospital inside the Brazilian team came out, there was a sensation in the Brazilian media. On this day, everyone appeared in the media center of the Brazil team. The team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar had to hold a press conference to explain the physical condition of the footballers.

The Brazilian medical team initially thinks that nothing like a headache has happened with this viral fever. In the morning or afternoon when Tate is practicing, it is extremely hot in Doha. After practice, the footballers come and enter the air-conditioned room. This is why the footballers are getting hot and cold.

Brazil team coordinator Juninho Paulista also had to come to the press conference to deal with the situation. Because not only fever. Many footballers have also vomited in the team hotel. Although the team management does not want to make the names of those footballers public.

But is this viral fever attack only in cold and hot Qatar? Or is the shadow of Covid in the Brazil team hotel in the end? The coordinator of the Brazil team immediately objected and said, “This fever has nothing to do with Covid. The whole thing didn’t even get to the point where it could be tested for covid. We are always keeping an eye on the physical problems of the footballers.”

Naturally, it was asked to know the latest situation of Neymar’s injury. Juninho and Rodrigo Lasma both echoed the Neymar injury issue, saying, “The situation is much better than before.” The whole day is in treatment. However, in which match Nemar will be able to enter the field, it is not possible to say anything officially right now.

Both Neymar and Danilo suffered ankle injuries after the first match. Even then, Danilo was able to go to the field to watch the Switzerland match. Neymar couldn’t. He was in his room at the team hotel. Because from that day again a slight fever. After defeating Serbia in the first match, the friends and relatives of the footballers came to the hotel. Many people think that it is not right to meet people outside the hotel during the World Cup. In the meantime, it has been heard again that Jesus left the team hotel last night. Where the situation is going, a footballer may be banned from leaving the team hotel.

The only good thing is that Tete is not worried about the last group opponents, Cameroon. And so the Brazil coach can show the luxury of changing many footballers at once. However, in order for the media not to know what will be the first eleven of Brazil against Cameroon, Clozador practiced with the footballers that day. Even so, what will be the first eleven of Brazil against Cameroon, where Tite could hold back the news?

The team he is leading into the final group game is Ederson replacing Alisson in goal. The rest are veterans Dani Alves, Militao, Bremer, Alex Telles, Fabiano, Bruno Guimaraes, Anthony, Rodrigo, Gabriel Jesus, and Martinelli. He is changing the entire team of the previous two matches.

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