Competitive examinations are not being held on time in Bihar. There was no examination for the past nine months because of Corona. All the commissions of Bihar, some of their examinations are running late. Especially BPSC-BSSC examinations are not being held on time. However, there has been improvement in recent times. Currently the exam and results are not being released according to the calendar.

The final result of the BPSC 64th advertisement released in the year 2018 has not come out. The interview has been done, the main examination of 65th has been done. Copies are under evaluation. There has been preliminary examination of 66th, the result is yet to come. The Joint Secretary cum Examination Controller of the Commission, Amarendra Kumar, said that due to corona, the examination has been delayed. It is happening on time now. Some cases are delayed due to going to court.

BSSC’s Inter Level Main Examination. Its result is expected by 25 February. Its advertisement was released in the year 2014. Similarly, physical fitness test is to be held from March 15 for recruitment. Similarly, the examination of Technical Commission has not been completed on time. According to Dr. Rahman, the expert of competitive examinations, then there is loss to the candidates due to not having the examinations on time. The biggest disadvantage is when students cross age.

Expected date of examinations
– in March of motor vehicle inspector
– c. Engineer civilian in march
– c. Engineer Electricity in March
– 31st of Judicial Service in July
– College Polytechnic Headmaster Examination in March 2021
– Physical Examination and Interview for Assistant Forest Conservator in April
– Project Manager Preliminary Examination in April and Main Examination in July
– Advertisement of 67th BPSC in July Likely to come by

Waiting for them
– 64th BPSC final result is to come
– 65th BPSC main exam done, waiting for interview
– 66th BPSC has been PT
– Physical efficiency test will be done on 15th


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