As if there has been a flood of liquor amidst the election preparations of Bihar. Except the police and excise department, the officials associated with the tax department are also catching the consignment of liquor. About 700 cartoon liquor have been found. The price of which the officials have said is about 52 lakhs.

Actually, Patna GST team was checking the e-way and challan on NH-19 at Sarai in Vaishali district. The team stopped a truck. The driver walking with the truck showed his e-way pass. Tax authorities found that the e-way shown was fake. Then there was some doubt. When the goods were questioned in the truck, the consignment of aloe vera medicine was told. The team took out cartoons of drugs from the truck, but after opening the cartoons of medicines , bottles of liquor started replacing them.

Bottles of alcohol replaced aloe vera

About 700 cartoons of liquor were found in the truck , which the officials said was worth about 52 lakhs. Patna GST team seized the truck and took it to Patna, where further legal action will be taken.

Around 700 cartoon alcohol in the truck

GST Superintendent Ramanand Singh said that on the orders of the Election Commission of the Election Commission, investigation is being done at all places in Bihar. In the same episode, Sarai was checking at night near the toll plaza. So a Punjab number train appeared. On stopping, it was found that he has an invoice of aloe vera juice. When the e-way bill was checked, it was found out that the e-way bill was canceled. When examined, it was found that it contained alcohol.



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