Booking of foreign tourists has also started in Corbett Park. So far, 15 to 20 foreign tourists have booked permits online. Although foreigners are not able to come to the airport due to lack of air services at present, but it is expected that the government can start international airlines soon. Corbett Park is going to open for rest from Thursday ie tonight.

From this, Ramnagar will be buzzing with tourists from Thursday. However, Dhikala zone will open on November 15 at its appointed time. Dhikala is the center of attraction for foreign tourists. In such a situation, foreign tourists also want to come here. Resort Association President Hariman Singh said that many of his relatives live abroad. Reported that relatives have booked their permits for night stay at Dhikala. He says that there is no air service abroad for Corona infection. 

People are waiting to operate foreign air services. There is still a month to open Dhikala. Director of the park Rahul said that the security of all the tourists in the park is better maintained. Every year around nine lakh domestic and six thousand foreign tourists come to visit the park. 

In Dhela-Jhirna, we will stay in 13 rooms 
from today, arrangements are to be made for night rest in Bijrani, Dhela and Jhirna in Corbett Park, which opens from today. Park officials told that tourists will start staying in Nine in Bijrani, two in Jhirna and two guest houses in Dhela from today. There will be a total accommodation of 28 people. It is told that 220 people have booked permits for the day visit. 

For the next ten days
there is no shortage of visitors to Corbett during the Corbett Pack Corona era. According to park officials, Corbett is packed for the next ten days. Foreign tourists are booking in Dhikala. President of the Resort Association said that Canada, Germany and Australia etc. are booking.

Bijrani first choice 
Bijrani zone will be the first choice of tourists this time. There are more chances of seeing tigers in Bijrani. Bijrani’s guest houses are also very beautiful for the night’s rest, so Bijrani will be the first choice of tourists.  


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