Bollywood Actress Aruna Irani Life Unknown Facts

Bollywood actress Aruna Irani was born into a poor family. His father’s name was Faridun Irani, who ran a drama company. His mother was also an actress. Aruna was the eldest of 8 sisters and brothers. When Aruna Irani was born, her father was sad that a boy was not born to her. Had I grown up as a boy, I would have helped in taking responsibility for the family.

When Aruna grew up a little and she came to know about this, then somewhere in Aruna’s heart, this thing went home and from childhood, she started accepting everything from her father. Aruna Irani was very good in studies and wanted to become a doctor, but her father believed that girls should sign their names as much as education, which is why Aruna stopped going to school after the sixth claus. To support his father, Aruna started working in films as a child artist. She continued to play as she got characters.

About a month before his father’s death, when his father Aruna Irani bought a Fiat car for 9 thousand rupees from his money, his father had no place to be happy. Aruna’s father used to watch and cry daughter Aruna’s car from her balcony for hours. Then I regretted going to his mind, why I had said that my first child would be a son. My Aruna is single handedly on many sons. Aruna Irani has proved through her hard work that the father of the house in which such a daughter is, there is no need to worry.


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