Bollywood star Sunil Dutt’s first film ‘Railway Platform’ which was released in the year 1955. The director of this film was Ramesh Sehgal. There was a scene in the film in which Sunil Dutt had to raise the actress of the film Sheila Ramani. Sunil Dutt was very upset because of this scene, it is obvious that he came new to the industry and he used to come from a family where it was not considered good to meet boys and girls. 


When this scene was being shot, Sunil was constantly retaking because of Dutt, because of repeated retakes, the director was patiently repulsed and angrily shouted at Sunil Dutt and said – ‘What is there to fear? What kind of a man are you? Due to scolding in front of everyone, Sunil Duttan felt very humiliated and filled his eyes. Somehow Sunil Dutt went to the makeup room while hiding his tears. To convince Sunil, director Ramesh Sehgal also went after him and started saying, ‘I am like your father. You were scolded for your good, take it positive and come back to the set. ‘


Sunil Dutt came back on the set and decided to end his hesitation and on the same day he vowed that if he became a director someday he would never do such a disrespectful treatment to any of his actors. Sunil Dutt always kept his promise.


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