BMC is unable to meet the target of second dose due to technical fault

Mumbai: BMC has started the second dose of corona vaccine but in 6 days less than 15% of the health workers have been able to apply BMC dose. Duplication is the reason behind less than 15 percent of the health workers getting dosed in 6 days. BMC is not able to complete the vaccination data due to the same doctor’s name being listed in 3 to 4 centers. In the first and second phase BMC has started giving vaccines to doctors and health workers.

In the first phase till now, BMC has vaccinated one lakh 55 thousand health workers. The work of giving second dose to health workers has also been started in all the centers of BMC. However, due to technical fault, BMC is not able to meet the target of giving second dose to health workers.

The second dose in Mumbai has been started on February 15, but in 6 days, BMC has been able to give vaccines to less than 15 councilors. The biggest reason behind taking such a small number of health workers vaccine in 6 days is the technical problem in the Kovin app. Due to which people are not able to get the message. But another reason behind this is duplication, due to which the speed of vaccination is being braked.

App duplication

We met Suresh Kakani, who was appointed in addition to BMC, about the problem of duplication in the app. Suresh Kakani told ABP News that duplication is definitely a reason behind the slowing of the second dose vaccination, but the biggest reason is the Covin app. We have found that the names of one doctors are listed in two to four places. But duplication is not the biggest problem. BMC is working to solve this technical problem and it will be resolved soon. The biggest problem is the technical problem facing us in the Kovin app. But till now we have given the first dose to 1 lakh 55 thousand health workers and have started the second dose. The third reason behind the slowing of the second dose is being told that doctors are shying away from taking the second dose. But let me tell you that this is not a valid reason nor is there any truth in it.

The pace of vaccination has also slowed down because so far, many doctors have not completed their first dose. There should be a month-long gap between the first dose and the second dose. It takes 45 days to form antibodies in the body. We will give doses to health workers according to the time. Along with this, BMC will soon solve many technical problems coming in the app and will achieve the goal of giving second dose to 1.25 lakh health workers.


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