A village in Indonesia has amazing views these days. In fact, here suddenly, blood red water is seen on the streets. Unaware of its cause, people are nervous to see it. However, it soon became clear that there was a flood in which the red color came out of a dyeing factory and got into the water. Officials say the color will lighten when combined with the rain.

Please tell that pictures of strange floods in this village are becoming very viral on social media. First people shared pictures and videos of this village of Pekalongan city of Central Java and many said that they felt like blood on seeing it.

The city of Pekalongan in Indonesia is well known for the production of batik used in traditional Indonesian dyeing techniques. In this, patterns are made on clothes. Significantly, due to floods last month, the water in the northern village turned green. A Twitter user has said that many times purple pits are also seen on the streets. After which the disaster relief officer of Pekalongan confirmed that these photos are real. Many Twitter users are saying that no rumor should be spread due to these pictures.


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