Remo D'Souza donated blood donate at Lalbagha Raja Ganapati festival

Blood Donation: Why Should Blood Donation? What Are The Health Benefits Of Doing It? Full Details Are For You: Donating blood is considered a great donation. One blood donation can save three lives. That is why those who donate blood are called life donors.

Donating blood is considered a great donation. One blood donation can save three lives. That is why those who donate blood are called life donors. Donating blood can save the life of those who are in danger. However.. those who donate blood also get many benefits. When donating blood, along with blood, RBC and plasma can also be donated to different people. That is, we can donate blood according to the patient’s needs and save her life.

However.. There are many types of speculative campaigns going on in our country regarding blood donation. Due to this, there are many suspicions among blood donors. Reports state that due to this, blood is still not available as per the requirement of the patients. The reason for this is the misconceptions spread among the people regarding blood donation. Apart from this, there is not enough publicity about the benefits to our bodies after donating blood. What are the benefits of donating blood? Now let’s know the things.

How blood donation affects the body..?

When a person donates blood there is no shortage of blood in his body. Because before donating blood doctors check all things like hemoglobin, blood unit, and blood pressure of the donor. The body gets these benefits when you donate blood.

The iron level will be maintained.

A deficiency of iron in the blood is a problem for the body. But even if the amount of iron is increased, many diseases surround man. The first of these problems is tissue damage. Liver damage increased the oxidative life of the body. That is, its effects are most damaging. We will know too late when the situation worsens. But those who donate blood regularly maintain iron levels in their bodies.

Prevention of heart attack

An increase in iron in the blood can also cause a heart attack. This is because the increased oxidation of tissue due to iron inhibits blood flow. So if you are healthy you should think about donating blood to keep your heart healthy for the rest of your life.

For a healthy liver

Blood donation also helps in preventing liver-related problems. This is because increased iron levels in the blood can damage liver tissue. Liver cancer increases the risk of liver infection.

Improves mental health.

Every healthy person can donate blood once every three months. You can save 3 to 4 lives by donating blood at once. This feeling helps keep you happy that you have helped others. The joy of saving someone’s life fills you with self-satisfaction. It is very good for your mental health. Because doing so also earns respect. This will be reflected in all your work.

Who is eligible to donate blood?

  • The age of the blood donor should be between 18 to 65 years.
  • Donor weight should be more than 45 kg.
  • There should be a gap of at least 3 months between each blood donation.
  • All people without serious illnesses can donate blood.

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