In Myanmar, top diplomats from the West have appealed to the military to stop the arrest of politicians, steps to harass social workers and journalists and warn that the whole world is watching the incident. “We call on the security forces to refrain from violence against protesters and civilians,” said a statement issued by the embassies of Western countries.

“We condemn the harassment of journalists with the arrest of political leaders, civil society activists and social workers,” the statement said. The statement is signed by the delegations of the US, Canada, Britain, Switzerland, Norway, the European Union, and the ambassadors of the European Union member countries, including Denmark, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. ‘ ‘

After the February coup in Myanmar, people have taken to the streets and are demanding a restoration of democracy. Army vehicles are patrolling the cities and the army is repeatedly firing at protesters.

‘Army to be held accountable for using force against demonstrations’
Tom Andrews, Special Representative of the UN Human Rights Commission in Myanmar, has warned the military that he will be held accountable for his crimes. Thousands have taken to the streets after the February 1 coup incident and are demonstrating to demand the restoration of democracy across the country. In response, the army has shut down the Internet and has prepared soldiers in most cities of the country.

Andrews said, ‘It seems as if the generals have waged a war against the people of Myanmar. Late night raids, arrests of people in large numbers, shutting down of internet, entry of army convoys among communities, all these steps are like war against the public. These are symbols of frustration. Careful generals, you will be held accountable for this. ‘ According to Netblock’s report, almost all Myanmar Internet services will be completely shut down by early today.


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