BK Shivani's column:If you remember God, just ask for the power to do karma, they will show us the way to do the right thing.

We think that whatever happens, it is God willing. It is also correct. Who will do it? That’s why we say to them every day, O God, fix my problem. Can God fix our problem? Suppose there is a problem in our life that I have to raise this table.

So should I say to God, O God, lift the table. Will the table arise? No. We say the same thing to them every day, get well, pass the child, get the girl married, stop my transfer. We know what we can get from God and what we do not.

God will not do our deeds. They will give us the power to do right deeds, give us knowledge. For example, if a child has to do homework, parents cannot do his homework. But you can teach him to do homework. So whenever we remember God or worship, do not say to do this work of mine, rather say give me the power to do this work.

Now every day we tell them to do this work for me. It has been fifteen or twenty days, the table has not risen. Then someone comes and tells me, do not ask them, ask them. So we stop remembering them, start worshiping someone else. If we have faith in God, trust in our parents then we will not be disturbed. As karma is done, so is the result. If this becomes clear then our finger will never go upwards and not towards anyone else. If I am behaving well, yet someone is doing wrong to me, then why?

If someone is cheating on me, then who is the reason? My health is going up and down, so who is the reason? If my heart is not happy then who is the reason? More important is who will prevent it. We have to hold this line in life, like karma is the fruit.

Everything we think, speak, do is our karma. Whatever happens to us, the circumstances in life, the way people treat us, is our fate. How do I talk to them, this is our karma. How to talk to us, that is my fate. What is the relationship between the two? As karma happens, so does luck. We do not see the actions we do, but we see destiny. What is happening to us is visible.

For example I have a clock in front of me. I picked up this watch and threw it at you. This is my karma. Now what I gave, the same is going to come back. But I only see that the clock is coming from there. We want flowers, but the clock is coming. Similarly, if someone tells me something bad in front of everyone. I say they have insulted me.

I get angry without understanding them. Or suppose I have a black ball in my hand. I threw it in front of the wall, which is coming back. So in the same way someone is sending black balls to me, that is insulting me. That black ball is coming from the front, that clock is coming from the front, that dishonor is coming from the front, that cheating is coming from the front, so what should we do.

We can tell them please do not do this. They can be stopped by our saying. But we will get angry, sad, upset, weep. The black ball was coming from there, we also threw the black ball back. In this way, this era became Kali Yuga.

Now we have to make the golden age. Black ball was coming, we also sent black, became Kali Yuga. At this moment I have a choice to accept them as they are, knowing their weakness and pain. This will calm my mind. The question will not arise in my mind that why do this again and again with me.

If they behave like this, can we talk to them lovingly? If we talk to them lovingly, then who will benefit? First, my own mind will be fine, second my health will be fine, that energy will not affect our mind, fourth, their health will also be good. Everyone will benefit. This will bring the golden age.


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