Shah's visit to strengthen Bengal's hold, many TMC leaders may join BJP

BJP Wants To Use Central Projects To Get Votes In Panchayat Election: Although the organization moves to the city, the other presence in the village is negligible. But the panchayat vote is at the door. Rural people will exercise voting rights. Therefore, the top leadership of the BJP decided to use the central scheme to prove the presence of the party in rural areas. Creating unrest by fueling the anger created among the people over the Centre’s projects will only yield results. As a result, it should not be stuck in the city. Amit Shah and JP Nadda warned Bengal BJP leaders to leave the city and go to the villages. The central leadership has instructed the MPs to go around the villages to promote the central projects to the people after the session of the parliament is over.

Although the project is central, the responsibility of implementation rests on the state administration. Lower-level administrators and panchayats have to work to deliver the services of central projects to the village people. Therefore, if any problem arises with the project, the responsibility falls on the state administration. There has already been anger among the poor people of the village about getting money for Prime Minister Awas Yojana and 100 days of work. People in rural areas are protesting here and there. The low-level officials and public representatives have to bear the wrath. However, panchayat ministers from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have come to Delhi to demand payment. Trinamool parliamentarians have repeatedly appeared in the current session of the parliament and approached the Union Minister for Rural Development. So far, the Center has not paid even a single rupee of the 100-day arrears in the current financial year. Only empty promises have been received from the Centre. Again, Shubhendu Adhikari and Sukant Majumdar have rushed to the door of the Home Minister and the Rural Development Minister to stop the money due from the Centre.

JP Nadda, Sunil Bansal, and Amit Malviya held a meeting with MPs and top leaders of Bengal on Monday this week. The next day, the opposition leader of the state held a closed-door meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah in Parliament. Sukant Majumder had a private meeting with Shah on Wednesday. According to sources, the bail of the party for the panchayat polls was discussed in all three meetings. On the other hand, the other organization is at the bottom in rural areas. Earlier, Sunil Bansal and Amit Malviya reported to the top leadership. So the only way to reach the village people quickly before the panchayat polls are to tap into the anger created by the central scheme.

According to sources, the top leadership has confirmed the strategy in a meeting with the state leadership and MPs. Panchayat polls can be beneficial only if stability can be created in rural areas across the state. But of course, Amit Shah and JP Nadda also ordered to look at the organization. A Booth committee should be formed soon. An MP said that the committee has been formed on how many booths and it has been ordered to send the calculation to Delhi every month.


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