Resignation Of Aap Mla Rajendra Pal, Said This About God, There Was A Political Ruckus In Delhi

BJP Supporters Chant PM Modi Name In Delhi CM Kejriwal Road Show Speech: Gujarat Polls 2022: AAP will contest first in the state’s 182 seats in the Gujarat assembly elections to be held next month. The AAP declared itself as the main candidate of the ruling party in the state. In this case, Kejriwal is campaigning hard on behalf of those who want him.

It is Kejriwal who gives you free electricity no matter how much you shout. We have no enmity with anyone… you can fear to support anyone you want… one day we will win your heart and bring you into our party,” he said. Going forward with his words. “Many youths are unemployed in the state, their party work ‘guarantees’ jobs, and job seekers are given unemployment benefits of ₹ 3,000. No party talks about schools, does any party promise to build schools, hospitals, jobs, and free electricity? “It is only our party that will talk about these issues,” he said. Kejriwal felt that people will support the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) only if they believe in hooliganism and have a passion for oppression.

“If you want to build a school, come to me. I am an engineer. If you need electricity, if you need hospitals, roads, come to me… if you want nothing but hooliganism, go to them. I am here to ask for five years of government only, you gave them 27, give me five, if I don’t fulfill my promise, I will not come back to you,” Kejriwal said. The Gujarat assembly elections will be held in two phases in the first week of December. Against this situation, the party leaders in the state are working hard. Similarly, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a road show on Sunday. But in this road show, some people raised many words in favor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Sunday evening, National Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) President in Delhi CM Kejriwal addressed a rally at Halln the Panchmahals district during a road demonstration. At that time, many BJP supporters were singing praises of Modi. In response to this, Kejriwal said that they can raise issues to support anyone they want, but he will build schools for their children and provide free electricity. He said that AAP must one day win the hearts of the singers who support Modi. While addressing the gathering, Kejriwal said, “Some friends are shouting ‘Modi, Modi.’ But only Kejriwal will build schools for your children.


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