BJP Seat Again For MLA Who Said The Culprits In Bilkis Banu Case Are Cultured And Brahmins: BJP has again given a seat to the MLA who said that the culprits in the Bilkis Banu rape case are the owners of good culture. Gujarat’s Godhra MLA Chandrasinh Raulji has been given the same constituency this time. Chandrasinh Rawlji, a six-time MLA, is also a former minister.

Chandrasinh Rawlji was a part of the Gujarat government committee that decided to free the 11 accused in the Bilkis Banu rape case. Rawlji is one of the two BJP members on the committee appointed by the government regarding the release of the accused in the rape case.

After the release of the accused, there were protests across the country. It was on this occasion that Chandrasinh Rawlji remarked that the acquitted accused were ‘Brahmins and possessed good culture’.

“I don’t know whether they have committed any crime or not. They are Brahmins and Brahmins are well cultured. “There is someone else’s evil intention in this to punish them,” Rawlji said in an interview to the media.

The BJP MLA had defended the Gujarat government’s action by saying in an interview that the accused were of good character during their imprisonment. The MLA’s words were widely circulated on social media.

Chandrasinh Rawlji switched from Congress to BJP ahead of the 2017 Gujarat elections. He won as a Congress candidate in 2007 and 2012 and after switching to BJP defeated the Congress candidate by a narrow margin of 258 votes.

The Gujarat government has acquitted 11 accused in the 2002 Gujarat riots case of raping Bilkis Banu and killing 14 members of the family, including her three-year-old daughter. The Gujarat government has ordered the acquittal of the accused in the Bilkis Banu case. The accused were acquitted on August 15.

Subsequently, in an affidavit filed by the Gujarat government in the Supreme Court, the convicts in the case were released with the permission of the central government, and all the convicts were released on the grounds of good behavior.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will consider the petition against the release of the accused on November 29. CPIM leader Subhashini Ali, Prof. Roop Rekha Verma, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, Dr. Meeran Chadha Barvankar, and Jagdeep Chokar filed the petition.


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