Nainital Sasand Ajay Bhatt has complained to the Principal Secretary and Energy Secretary about the increase in electricity bills in rural areas. He said that such complaints were received during a visit to remote villages of Ramgarh in Nainital district. These complaints are also damaging the image of the government.

MP Ajay Bhatt said in his letter that during the visit to Ramgarh area on October 3, he has received most of the complaints of increased electricity bill. People told that earlier where their bills used to come two to three hundred rupees, this time one thousand rupees bills have come. Bhatt spoke to the Principal Secretary and Secretary Energy over the phone.

He said that this is also possible in other villages and villages of Terai. He feared that this may have happened due to the error of the agencies doing the billing of the contract or whether the bills have increased due to the addition of the previous readings after the bill was read without lockdown. He has asked to fix electricity bills by setting up camps in rural areas. Bhatt said that despite lower consumption, the government’s image is being tarnished due to higher bill.


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