PM Modi said after farmer violence, disciplined society only grows in the world

BJP Means Modi, Narendrabhai Proved Again, He Is Another Indira In The Vote-War: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the BJP central office in Delhi this evening. From the Lok Sabha to the Assembly, after a big victory, he went to the party headquarters to address the workers and supporters, as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi used to do.

At this stage, despite the uncertainty over the result of Himachal, losing the Delhi Municipal Corporation, the success of Gujarat is going to cover all the failures of the BJP. Gujarat’s Padma win was never in doubt. Instead of opposing the establishment, the wind is blowing in favor of the government in Gujarat, the Prime Minister has repeatedly claimed in the election campaign. He was the face and hope of the team.

This time he is going to surpass the electoral success of his own party in his own state. BJP can even touch the record of best results in the state. which is now in the possession of Congress. In the eighties of the last century, Congress under the leadership of Madhav Singh Solanki won 149 seats. This time BJP can cross 150 with the magic touch of Modi.

Modi’s magic. In March this year, the Prime Minister brought the party to power in four of the five state assembly polls. Among them, this is the first time in Uttar Pradesh after 35 years that the BJP has survived for the second time in a row. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was once seen as Modi’s alternative, even rival, in the BJP. But the election campaign has proved that at this moment there was no momentum without Modi even BJP’s poster-boy Yogi.

The BJP came to power in the state and at the center with two founding leaders, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani. Atal was the face of the team. Advani was the master of managing the organization. He was also the face of the Ram Mandir movement. The countrymen know that the BJP as the party of Vajpayee and Advani. Since 2014, Modi has been the sole face of the BJP in the Lok Sabha and state assembly polls. The smile of success, and the responsibility of failure, were both in his possession.

In this country, there is no other such character except Indira Gandhi. In the last century, this Prime Minister, who died almost a decade and a half, was a Congress stalwart. Nehru’s daughter brought the party to power in 18 states at one time during her prime ministership. Modi broke that record by winning 19 but could not keep it for long. Now BJP is in power in less than half the states of the country. Among them, there is a game of hateful politics like buying and selling MLAs and grabbing power, so there is a game of Modi’s charisma. The BJP now has a single-strength majority at the center. Much of the success must be attributed to Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

Statistically speaking, Indira Modi is compared with Modi, but the former prime minister had to go through a much more difficult road to reach the peak of success. He fought with the leaders of his father’s age and formed his own party out of banyan parties like Congress. Indira made that party the mainstream of Congress and ensured the bright presence of the hand sign in one state after the Delhi victory. In 1972 assembly polls were held simultaneously in nine states. In the remaining eight states except for Tamil Nadu, Congress took power under the leadership of Indira Gandhi.

Along with Indira, Modi, the tendency to worship people in the battle for votes, the expression of devotional mentality among the people has been seen in every election since independence. Due to this mindset of the people of India, the All India Congress broke up and the regional parties formed in the state raised their heads with confidence in the individual.

Another point emerges in the discussion of Indira’s comparison with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both have been accused of undemocratic ways of running the party and the government. Indira pushed the country towards the black chapter-like an emergency to suppress the voice of the opposition. Modi’s India is under an undeclared state of emergency, the opposition alleges. At the end of the seventies, Indira’s Congress was defeated in several states including Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha in post-Emergency elections. The opposition is waiting for when BJP will be like that in Modi’s India.


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