BJP Leader: Banner Of ‘North Bengal Development Association’ Held By BJP Leader, New Buzz In The District In ‘Bengabhang Debate’: Uttar Dinajpur News: Supporters of the Uttar Bengal Development Association started a procession in front of the railway station in Raiganj on Monday afternoon. This procession ends at Raiganj’s rebel intersection.

Biswajit Lahiri is the former district president of BJP.

There are various discussions about the possibility of becoming a foreign state or union territory in the districts of North Bengal. In the meantime, new placards were seen on the streets of North Bengal, the ‘North Bengal Development Association. Courtesy Former District President of BJP. Monday Raiganj (Raigung) BJP’s former district president Biswajit Lahiri marched from the railway station to Bharti Mor with the banner of North Bengal Development Association. With which the political tussle has started. Explosive accusations have also been heard in the voice of this BJP’s former district president. He complained that the elected representatives of the area are outsiders. As a result, they do not understand the emotions of North Bengal.

On Monday afternoon, supporters of the North Bengal Development Association started a procession in front of the railway station in Raiganj. This procession ends at Raiganj’s rebel intersection. The demand for the construction of a railway flyover in Raiganj city along with the improvement of rail connectivity from Micheli to Raiganj, demand for AIIMS (AIIMS) in Raiganj arose. Not only the former district president of North Dinajpur district BJP Biswajit Lahiri but there were also many leaders including Itahar BJP leader Nimai Singh.

At the beginning of the procession, Biswajit Lahiri introduced himself as a member of the North Bengal Development Association and said that North Bengal has been deprived for a long time. North Dinajpur district along with Raiganj is also deprived. In his words, “There has been a group of 15 people under the banner of Uttarbanga Development Association. All are from North Bengal. I am a member of that group. Today we will take out a procession from Raiganj railway station to Badari Mor. Because votes come and votes go. Leaders make empty promises. Here external candidates are elected. Bhumiputras here is not elected. As a result, North Bengal is deprived, exploited, and neglected. Raiganj’s big problem is traffic congestion. Overbridge not built. Trains to Delhi stopped. I heard a lot even before the last assembly polls. It was also said in the previous vote. We want AIIMS in North Bengal before the Lok Sabha elections.”

Biswajit’s statement is already raising questions, so is he somehow pointing fingers at a section of the party? Because Raiganj MP Debshree Chowdhury belongs to BJP. On the other hand, Raiganj MLA Krishna Kalyani also won on BJP ticket. Although at the same time Biswajit said, if Bihar, Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh are reduced for the sake of development, why should West Bengal not be reduced?

Biswajit Lahiri, facing the journalists after this rally, claimed, “I was politically the district president and supporter of BJP before. I am still in BJP. But whatever political party I belong to, I am a deprived North Bengal person first.”

On this statement of Vishwajit Lahiri, the current North Dinajpur district president of BJP, Vasudev Sarkar commented, “Vishwajit Lahiri can do any movement with his personal demands. If he doesn’t carry the BJP flag, we have nothing to say.”

On the other hand, according to Raiganj Trinamool leader and Deputy Municipal Administrator of Raiganj Municipality Arindam Sarkar, these are BJP’s strategies. They misunderstand people without development. He said, “There is BJP outside this movement and there is BJP inside too.”


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