CO Devendra Mishra, who was martyred in the Bikeru case of Uttar Pradesh, is still alive and only the police of Bilhor police station in Kanpur are telling this. Not only this, the police has made the late CO Devendra Mishra as the investigating officer. A file mentioning his name in the written FIR diary has been sent to the court, while Devendra Mishra along with eight policemen died in the Bikeru firing on the night of 2 July.

In fact, the body of a farmer living in Mallapur village of Bilhaur police station area of ​​Kanpur was recently found in his field. After this, an FIR was lodged by the son of the deceased. While registering the police, according to the application, the date of the murder has been written on October 4, 2020. After the whole incident, Devendra Mishra has been inscribed instead of the name of the investigating officer.

The people of the police department were shocked as soon as the matter was revealed. SP Brajesh Kumar has given clarification on this matter. He says that this has happened due to technical fault and his name has been registered. In the back and forth records, only the name of the current CO Santosh is recorded. At the moment it has also been corrected.

Please tell that on 2 July, Vikas Dubey and his associates killed 8 policemen including CO Devendra Mishra in ambush in the dark of night. After which Uttar Pradesh gangster Vikas Dubey became an accused in the murder of eight policemen.

CO Devendra Mishra was heading the police team that went to haunt Vikas Dubey’s house in Bikaru village of Kanpur that night. Those who were surrounded and brutally killed. A total of four bullets were shot to Devendra Mishra and all four bullets were shot very closely.



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