In Bihar, the grand alliance has called for a Bihar bandh today due to misbehavior with legislators of policemen entering the assembly. Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Prasad Yadav has alleged that for the first time in the assembly history in Bihar, MLAs were beaten up.

In a conversation with the media at 10, Circular Road on Thursday, he asked if there were slogans, protests or incidents leading up to the house for the first time. In the year 1974, the House was run by the Socialist members of the opposition sitting on the chair of the Speaker. In 1986, there was a three-day sit-in demonstration under the leadership of Leader of Opposition, Jananayak Karpoorji. Nitishji was also a member of the House at that time. But, this was the first time such an orgy of police in Vidhan Sabha and Vail.

He alleged that instead of acting on the guilty officers, they are being protected. The bureaucracy has increased with this attitude. Tejashwi said that we have footage of more than 200 policemen and administrative officers. We have marked everyone. It also alleged that Bihar Police has now become JDU Police. But he should understand that we are not BJP people who will tolerate police atrocities quietly.


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