Bihar's biggest test in Corona period:13,50,233 students are giving inter examination at 1473 centers in 38 districts of the state

For the first time in the Corona era, Bihar Board Inter examination has started from 9:30 am today, amidst tight security. Examiners have been asked to appear ten minutes before the commencement of the examination. It is mandatory to follow the COVID guidelines at all centers. Administrative preparation has been completed by the Education Department. 13,50,233 students have been prepared at 1473 centers in 38 districts of Bihar. It consists of 7,03,693 students with 6,46,540 girl students. Control rooms have been issued in all districts with the Bihar board. Any disturbance can be called.

App system has been provided for minute-to-minute reports of all the centers of the Bihar Board. One technician has been deployed at all the centers. Who will prepare the report of the center through the app. Through which the board will keep getting every minute of every center.

Bankipur Girls High School in Patna has been made a model examination center.

Examination of 80,882 students at 85 centers in Patna

A total of 85 centers have been set up for the inter exam in Patna. In this, 80,882 students will take the exam. This includes 39,093 girls and 41,789 students. The examination will be done at 40 centers in Patna Sadar Subdivision, 14 in Patna City Subdivision, 12 in Danapur Subdivision, 7 in Flood Subdivision, 5 in Draft Subdivision and 6 in Paliganj Subdivision.

Four model centers in each district

Bihar School Examination Committee has organized 4 Model Examination Centers in all districts including Patna for conducting the Intermediate Annual Examination. Here only the students will appear in the examination and all the security personnel including the deputed central magistrate, magistrate, deputies will remain women at these centers. Bankipur Girls School, Gardnibagh Girls School, Shastrinagar Girls School, and JD Women’s College have been made model centers in Patna.

Students standing in row outside the examination center in Bhagalpur.

25 students appointed
as an observer, ban on carrying mobile No examiner or candidates other than central inspector will be allowed to carry mobile in the examination center. A speculator has been appointed on 25 students in the Inter examination. 2 observers have been deployed in a chamber. He instructed the central inspector that in no case more than 2 students will be placed on a bench. Candidates will be screened twice at the center. The first time the main gate of the center is to be tested and the second time inside the examination center.

Bhaskar raised the issue of trouble in cold

The Bihar School Examination Committee has given permission to Inter students to wear shoe stockings in view of the cold wave in the state . Inter exam will start from 1 February and will run till 13 February. Earlier, the Bihar Board had prohibited the candidates from appearing for the examination by wearing shoe stockings. For the last 2 years, the Bihar Board had prohibited the examination from wearing shoe stockings. But this rule has been changed due to the severe cold that has continued for the last several days. The board has said that this rule has been changed only for this year.

Coaching, photo copy shops will remain closed within the radius
of 200 meters. All coaching institutes and photo copy shops within the radius of 200 meters from the examination center will remain closed during the examination of the Inter as directed by the Bihar Board. At the same time, CCTV camera will be installed for monitoring outside the examination center, so that it can be monitored outside the center. At the same time, one videographer has also been arranged for 500 candidates.

It is also important to know

This year, in the interest of students, the committee will be given the option of 100% additional questions, both objective and subjective, to solve question papers in all subjects. For example, in the subject of 100 marks, a student has to do an objective question of 50 marks, in which each question is of 1 mark. This year the student will be asked 100 objective questions to solve 50 objective questions in a related subject, out of which 50 questions will have to be answered by the student. Similarly, in subjective questions of 2 and 5 marks, the student will be given the option of 100% additional questions.

If you miss time, you will not get admission in the examination center

The first shift student is 10 minutes before the start of the examination (9:30 AM) ie 9: 20 AM and the student of the second shift is 10 minutes before the start of the examination (1: 45 PM) till 1: 35 PM Entry will be allowed in the examination hall. Late students will not be allowed to enter the examination hall. Examiner will be given 15 minutes extra time in the examination hall to read and understand the question paper, answer book, OMR answer sheet.


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