In most of the districts of Bihar, the heat in the last two days has been relieved by the fall in mercury. However, this relief will not last long. The mercury is expected to rise again in the next 24 hours. The Meteorological Department estimates that the heat may increase from today ie Saturday. The maximum temperature is estimated to climb one to two degrees. After this, the effect of purva will increase again, due to which a partial cloudy situation can also be created. On Holikadahan and Holi, the weather will remain normal.

Here, dust storm has started a new problem in the afternoon for the last two days. This storm is seen in most parts of the state. Heat has been relieved by the blowing of northern and northwest winds at a maximum speed of 20 to 22 km, but dust storms are causing the most problems to two-wheeler drivers. The Meteorological Department estimates that it will decrease in the next 24 hours and a change in wind direction is possible.

In other cities including Patna, Gaya, the heat has reduced in the
last 24 hours, all the cities of the state have dropped by one and a half degree to two degrees of mercury. Patna recorded a maximum of 34.4 degrees Celsius above normal. At the same time, the maximum temperature remained the same in Gaya. In Bhagalpur too, one degree of mercury came down and it was recorded at 36 degrees Celsius. In Purnia, the mercury has come down by two degrees and it has been recorded at 34 degrees Celsius. 


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