No government person will be able to become a counting agent (agent) during the counting of Bihar Panchayat elections-2121. If a government person does this type of work, he can be punished with imprisonment for three months, fine or both.

State Election Commissioner Dr. Deepak Prasad released the counting of handbooks on Monday. According to this, for the first time in the state, the guidelines related to counting of votes will be followed in the Panchayat elections held through EVMs. As per the guidelines of the Commission, no special qualification has been identified for the counting agent, but the candidates have been advised to appoint as many adult and disciplined persons as their agents, so that their interests are properly taken care of. Possible

Security personnel are not allowed to enter the counting hall
According to the commission, security personnel will not be allowed to enter the counting hall. Ministers or MPs and MLAs of the Center or the state will not be allowed to act as election agents or counting agents. According to the commission, the candidates or the election agents appointed by them will be able to appoint only one counting agent for their constituency. Whether the number of polling stations or counting tables in that ward is one or more.


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