The second and final phase of elections for Bihar’s 1511 PACS is being held today. All 38 districts except Sheikhupura have elections. Polling starts at 6.30 am which will run till 4.30 pm.

Before this, let us tell you that the election of PACS election 2021 was to be held in two phases. Polling for the first phase of elections has been held on January 30 and today, on February 15, the voting process is going on. The counting of votes will be done immediately after the vote and the result will be released.

Let us tell you that the election of 48 PACS presidents of the capital Patna district is to be held. For this, about 90 thousand voters will decide the fate of PACS presidents. Voting is taking place on ballot paper. Please tell that a total of 75 PACS presidents were to be elected in Patna district. The election of 20 PAX presidents has been uncontested. The election is not being held for the nomination of three packs, while the nomination of three other packs has postponed the election due to non-fulfillment of quorum. In one pack, the authority has prohibited holding elections. The polling process was completed by 2:00 pm in the Naxalite-hit Draft Ladhin Bazaar and Paliganj. The counting of votes will be done at all the block headquarters.


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