An FIR has been registered against half a dozen unidentified people including JDU MLA Dhirendra Pratap Singh, Shakeel Ahmed, Bablu Jaiswal from Valmikinagar in the case of the murder of former District Councilor Dayanand Verma of Bagaha, Bihar. SP Kiran Kumar Jadhav said that a case of murder and Arms Act has been registered at the Naurangia police station on the application of Kumud Verma, the wife of the deceased. He said that in the application made by the wife of the deceased, Valmikinagar MLA Dhirendra Pratap Singh, Shakeel Ahmed and Bablu Jaiswal have been accused of involvement in the murder in the murder case.

The SP further said that the police is investigating the matter intensively. In this case, Bablu Jaiswal, a resident of Valmikinagar, has been placed in police custody. He said that after the incident, the local youth was caught by the villagers and beaten fiercely by the villagers, due to which he was badly injured and he was brought to sub-divisional hospital for treatment. For better treatment, the doctors were referred to the district hospital, where he is being treated under police custody. On Sunday night, SP Kiran Kumar Jadhav told that behind the incident there seems to be a dispute between the two parties regarding the contract and the police has started investigating the matter.

Please tell that former District Councilor of Bagaha Dayanand Verma was shot dead on Sunday night. Former District Councilor Dayanand Verma was sitting with some colleagues at Sirsia Chowk in his residence Belhwa Madanpur Panchayat. In the same sequence, the culprit rushed off the weapon and shot him. He was badly injured by being shot near the throat. He was immediately brought to the subdivision hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. Dayanand Verma was a District Councilor member between 2011-16. The doctor says that he blew on the way due to excessive bleeding.

The wife of the former councilor raised questions on the working style of the police

Late on Sunday evening, in the murder of former District Councilor Dayanand Verma, wife Kumud Devi has also questioned the police style of functioning. In the application to the police station, the wife of the former councilor says that at the time of the incident, the police of Naurangia police station was also present at the Chowk. But in this case, the main audience remained. Kumud Devi has said in the application that there was an argument between her husband Daya Nand Verma and Shakeel Ahmed, a resident of Valmikinagar, at around 5:00 pm, after which Shakeel Ahmed threatened to stay there while threatening her husband. Has gone. After some time Shakeel Ahmed again regained about 7: At 45 o’clock came there with her supporters and attacked her husband with a fatal attack. After the attack, all the attackers fled towards Valmikinagar. During this time, the police of Naurangia police station was also present at Sirsia Chowk, but no intervention was made by the police in this whole incident. In this regard, SP Kiran Kumar Jadhav said that they are investigating this matter. He informed that legal action will be taken against all those found guilty in the case.


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