The government may have to spend more than double this time in conducting Bihar elections. While the government expenditure came to about 270 crores in conducting 2015 elections, this time this expenditure can be estimated at a quarter to six hundred crores. This will be government expenditure. This does not include election expenses incurred by political parties. In view of the increase in expenditure, the Election Commission has decided to send a proposal to the Union Government to increase the election budget.

According to the top sources of the Election Commission, after Bihar elections, this proposal will be sent to the central government. Elections are also due in West Bengal next year. After that there will be elections in UP in 2022. Although the general election will be held in 2024, social distance standards can remain in place until then, which is bound to increase spending. More than Rs 5000 crore was spent in the 2019 general elections, which was exactly half of the 2014 election.

According to sources, this increase in election expenses in Bihar is due to the epidemic. PPE kits worth Rs 125 crores have been purchased for election workers. The number of election personnel is six lakhs. Apart from this, there are separate sanitizers, gloves and masks. On the other hand, making arrangements for the safety of the voters has also increased the expenses. The central government spends in the Lok Sabha elections, but the state government bears the expenses in the assembly elections.

Crores worth of Corona security equipment purchased: In Bihar, the election is going to pay 122 crore rupees for the payment of central forces, while 125 million rupees Corona safety equipment has been purchased. At the same time, the number of booths has been increased by 45 percent so that there is no crowd of voters at the booths. At the same time, the number of vehicles has also increased twice as vehicles cannot be crowded to maintain social distance. There is a limit to spend on campaigning in every assembly seat.

In enclosure states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, a candidate can spend a total of Rs 28 lakh in an election. The limit is Rs 20 lakh in small states. There is no limit to how much political parties will spend for their candidate.



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