Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav, the national president of the Jan Adhikar Party (LO), will be the chief ministerial candidate of the Progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA). The announcement was made at a joint press conference by SDPI National President MK Faizi, Azad Samaj Party President Chandrashekhar Azad and leaders of other constituents included in the PDA.

On this occasion, Chandrasekhar Azad said that the PDA under the leadership of Pappu Yadav is initiating change in Bihar. He said that due to his becoming Chief Minister, people of Dalits, Muslims and other weaker sections will get protection in Bihar. He alleged that the weaker section in Bihar is living in insecurity.

Pappu Yadav, nominated for JAP President and CM, thanked the PDA and said that safe and smiling Bihar would be his priority. He appealed to support the PDA for this. He said that protection of mother-sister-daughter ranks first in the PDA’s affidavit. CCtive camera will be installed at every important place. PDA will not tolerate ethnic and communal riots under any circumstances

Pappu Yadav promised that he would resign if he did not stop migrating from Bihar after becoming the Chief Minister. He also promised to build the best hospital and school in Bihar. He said that food processing, paddy of Shahabad, macha-makhan of Seemanchal-Mithila and paan of Magadha can change the life of Bihar. He also talked about the promotion of banana-litchi and jute-sugarcane cultivation and industry based on it.

The chanting president alleged that in the last 30 years, ‘both brothers’ ruined the lives of farmers in Bihar. The Market Committee was abolished. He said that if the government is formed then it will be restored and cold storage will be opened in every subdivision. He blamed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the low per capita income in Bihar.

Pappu Yadav promised to arrange Lokpal in Bihar within three months and bring the Chief Minister under its purview. He alleged that BJP is trying to defeat Nitish Kumar and Nitish Kumar BJP. He said that Nitish Kumar should stop showing fear of Lalu Prasad to upper caste and BJP should stop intimidating Dalits and Muslims.

Pappu Yadav asked the BJP leaders that when Nitish Kumar requested to make Patna University a Central University, then why did not Prime Minister Modi accept it? He asked the state government questions on the deaths of children from chilli fever, 56 lakh flood victims and other matters.

SDPI National President MK Faizi said that our alliance is a natural alliance of the people of Bihar. We will form government in Bihar under the leadership of Pappu ji. All constituents including Bahujan Mukti Agari and Ansari Panchayat were present on the occasion.



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