PM Modi’s Hamshakkal Abhinandan is also in the election fray of Bihar. He is a candidate from Hathua seat in Gopalganj district. The special thing is that this time he has beaten up the legislative as well as the CM post. Abhinandan says that he can also become CM after becoming an MLA.

Abhinandan, who has a strong face like PM Modi, has filed his nomination from Hathua assembly seat. He says that his fight is a fight for development. After winning the election he will go to Patna and try to become CM. Abhinandan says that if he got a chance to become CM, he would develop Bihar a lot. At the same time, touching the feet of the public will also take blessings. We will remove the gap between wealth and poverty.

Abhinandan contested against Rajnath Singh from Lucknow seat in the last Lok Sabha election on the question of getting his strength from PM Modi. Originally he hails from Saharanpur district of UP. His mother-in-law is in Savanaha village of Phulwaria block of Gopalganj, where he has got Navvarsa land in his in-laws’ house. It remains the same. Regarding the candidate from Hathua, he says that his direct fight is with the Social Welfare Minister Ramsevak Singh. Ramsevak Singh is a four-time MLA from Hathua. This time he has contested from this seat for the fifth time. It has been this traditional seat of JDU.



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