When the road was beaten in the accident, two youths conspired to kill. They had set out to kill with bloody intentions till the police of Rajeevnagar police station arrested them both from Ashiana Nagar Phase Two.

The arrested youths, Rohit Kumar and Mukesh Kumar, said that they had hit a woman with a bike near Bhola Paswan Bhavan two days ago. After this, the people of the same place caught him and beat him fiercely. The crowd then released him. The youths felt this was bad and they conspired to kill Bhola Paswan, as he was ahead in the assault. Police have recovered a pistol and bullets from the arrested accused.
Rajiv Nagar Police Station Nishant Kumar Singh said that Rohit and Mukesh were beaten up during the road accident. With the intention of avenging the same, both of them were armed and went out to kill. The accused have been sent to jail. Weapons have also been found from both.

After seeing the police, the criminals started running
late in the night, police patrol of Rajivnagar police station. Meanwhile, Rohit and Mukesh were standing on a pan gumti. Both started fleeing after seeing the police. Sho Nishant got suspicious and caught them both. During search, they found pistols and bullets. The police then questioned both of them.

Scooty’s number was found on the bike
When the police investigated the bike recovered from both of them, it was found that Scooty’s number was found on the car. The bike is suspected to have been stolen. Police are finding out from where the recovered bike was stolen.


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