The pace of corona infection has increased in Bihar. There has been a three-fold increase in the number of corona infects in the state in the last three days. On March 22, 90 new corona infections were identified. The next day, 111 were identified on 23 March, then 170 on 24 March and 258 new Corona infects on 25 March on the third day.

On Thursday, a campaign was conducted in all major stations, bus stands and hot markets to investigate the corona infections. Random corona examination (antigen test) was performed for individuals with corona symptoms and RTPCR examination of patients with severe symptoms. According to information received from the Health Department, 52,784 samples were examined in the last 24 hours. Patna has the highest number of 54 new infections and other infected have been identified in 33 out of 38 districts.

924 active patients, two deaths The
corona has now become 924 active patients after the identification of 258 newly infected patients of the corona in the state. The rate of recovery of infected patients in the state is 99.06 percent. In the last 24 hours, 58 corona infected patients in the state have recovered. At the same time, two corona infected died during treatment.

2 crore 33 lakh 75 thousand 172 samples have been investigated
During the Corona period in the state, 2 crore 33 lakh 75 thousand 172 samples have been investigated so far. 2 lakh 64 thousand 198 infected have been identified and out of these 2 lakh 61 thousand 706 infected have also become healthy. At the same time, 1567 infected have died.

According to the Health Department, more than 10 patients found in seven districts, more than ten corona infected were identified on Thursday in six districts Patna, Araria, Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Jehanabad, Rohtas and Samastipur. 54 new ones were found in Patna, 50 in Araria, 23 in Begusarai, 13 in Bhagalpur, 13 in Jehanabad, 15 in Rohtas and 14 in Samastipur. At the same time, less than ten new corona infects were identified in the remaining 33 districts in 33 districts.

Date found new corona infected
01 March 22
05 March 38
10 March 44
15 March 26
20 March 88
25 March 258

Corona investigation should be done at the opening place of trains:
To control the second wave of corona infection, the Health Department has written a letter to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare demanding a corona check at the opening place of trains. In a letter to the Government of India, Principal Secretary Pratyam Amrit said that in order to give effect to the corona control by writing a letter to the Government of India, an inquiry has been requested at the opening site of the trains. Said that a large number of travelers from other states are returning to Bihar for Holi. These will go a long way in preventing infection.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that corona cases are increasing rapidly in many countries of the world and in many states of the country. It is also increasing in Bihar. In view of the increasing cases, people should stay as far as possible. Everyone has to be alert and aware. Be cautious while observing festivals.


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