By the way, in every election many new faces are in the field. This time a similar face is also in the discussion in the Mahasamar of Bihar. Yes, we are talking about Pushpam Priya Chaudhary. Pushpam Priya Chaudhary, who describes herself as the CM candidate of Bihar, will contest from Bisfi constituency in Madhubani district. He has given this information by tweeting himself. 

Who is Pushpam Priya Chaudhary:

Pushpam Priya is the daughter of Vinod Choudhary, who was a JDU MLC. Pushpam studied up to 12th standard after which she went to study abroad. When she returned from London, she went straight to Bihar elections. Pushpam Priya, who landed in the political battle of Bihar, has formed a party named Plurals (PLURALS). Pushpam Priya is working hard for the election. She goes from village to village with her team and meets people. She is promising to fly the pace of change in Bihar. She says that she will do positive politics for the development of the state. She is claiming to make Bihar the most developed state in the country in the next 10 years when she becomes the Chief Minister of Bihar. As Pushpam, Bihar will be made equal to European countries by 2030. 


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