Before the Bihar Assembly 2020, the newly formed Pushmapp Priya Chaudhary’s plurals party suffered a major setback. Plurals party chief Pushpam Priya Chaudhary, who is holding the candidature for the post of chief minister, and her party suffered disappointment during the nomination process of the first phase election. Actually, during the scrutiny of nomination papers by the Election Commission, 28 of the 61 candidates of Plurals declared their nominations invalid, while 33 nominations of their party candidates were found valid. Party President Pushpam Priya Chaudhary himself has tweeted this information. 

He has written that 33 nominations of pleural candidates approved, 28 rejected! Democracy be immortal!

On the other hand, Plurals has announced its candidates for the election for the second phase. Party President Pushpam Priya Chaudhary tweeted this information. He hashtagged Sabkasasan and wrote that on the recommendation of the Plurals Poll Committee, a list of 26 candidates (female 13, male 13) is being released for 94 constituencies of the second phase of Bihar assembly elections. The rest till tomorrow. Congratulations and best wishes to all the declared candidates of Plurals. 

1090 nomination papers were found valid for 71 seats.
Let us tell you that 264 nomination papers were canceled during the scrutiny of nomination papers for the first phase of 71 assembly elections in Bihar. A total of 1354 nomination papers were filed for these seats, out of which ten nomination papers were also filed online. During scrutiny of nomination papers, 1090 nomination papers were found valid. The last date for withdrawal of nomination for the first phase election is set till October 12, 2020. 

According to the Election Department, 28 candidates are in the fray in Paliganj and 27 in Gaya Town. Their nomination papers have been found valid. At the same time, nomination papers of candidates valid for 26 candidates in Tarapur, 24 in Arwal, 23 in Gurua, 23 in Shahpur, 23 in Tekari, 22-22 in Wazirganj and Razauli (Su), 20-20-20 in Sasaram, Karhagar and Dinara. Has been found So, on the other hand, nomination papers of at least five candidates have been found valid for Katoriya (Su) assembly constituency. Eight nomination papers were filed here, three of which were rejected. 


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