In Bihar, the first phase of electoral campaigning is going on. Along with accusation and counter-accusation of each other, candidates are making every effort to win bets. Mutual relationships are also at stake in the race to become an MLA by beating each other in the election arena. Somewhere there are chances of interesting competition between Bhasura and Bahu, and somewhere Devrani-Jethani are face to face. 

In Sandesh Assembly constituency, former MLA Vijayendra Kumar Yadav is contesting as JDU candidate of NDA, while RJD has fielded Kiran Devi, wife of MLA Arun Yadav, who is absconding in a case this time from the Grand Alliance. Both of them are father and son. The electoral contest here has become interesting due to their knocking against each other. 

Earlier in 2010, two brothers also fought. Then in front of RJD candidate Vijayendra Yadav, his younger brother Arun Yadav, as an independent candidate, burnt the bugle. Then the benefit of the contest between the two brothers was given to BJP candidate Sanjay Singh Tiger and he won. However, the former MLA and his elder brother Vijayendra supported RJD’s nomination of Arun Yadav in the 2015 election and the two could not contest. Arun got the benefit of this and he won the election and became an MLA for the first time. This time, in the arena of the message made to witness the encounter of two brothers, this time there is a strong discussion about the election contest of Bhainsur and Bhavaj.

Devrani-Jethani face to face in Shahpur: 

Jethani and Deorani are in the fray in Shahpur assembly constituency. As a BJP candidate, Deorani is Munnilal, while her daughter-in-law Shobha Devi has contested the independent election. People are watching this in an interesting way by being in front of both in the electoral field.  


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