Biggboss 6 Day 83: Friends, Family Members Who Came For The Contestants: It is known that family members have been sent to the house for the contestants in the house all this week. This week’s episodes were all emotional. And also in the weekend Saturday episode…

BiggBoss 6 Day 83: It is known that family members have been sent to the house for the contestants in the house all this week. This week’s episodes were all emotional. And in the Weekend Saturday episode also contestants’ family members and friends came. But this time, instead of sending them into the house, they spoke from the stage. Nagarjuna also asked those who came for the contestants to tell them who is a competitor and who is not in the house.

First, her younger brother and ex-contestant Sohail came for Inaya. Inaya’s younger brother thanked Bigg Boss for bringing Inaya and her mother together. And Sohail advised him to come and take the suitcase like him if he offers money in the finale. Sohail told Sohail about the gym friendship between Inaya and Sohail. Inayaku said that Revanth is a competition in the house and Adireddy is not a real competition.

After that, his father Shiva Balaji came for Sirhan. Shivabalaji. Talking about Revanth, he said that when I came out of Bigg Boss when I was asked if everything that happened inside was true, I said yes, but I did not go at all. But now he is in Bigg Boss. And Srihan’s father told about Srihan’s love story.

And her elder sister Salma and Bullet Bhaskar came for Fatima. Fatima cried when she saw her sister. When the topic of marriage came up, Fatima said that she would get married only after Amma built a house for them and gave them a bank balance. And Bhaskar made everyone laugh with his jokes. He said that Inaya will give tough competition to Fatima and not Srisatya.

Their elder brother Santhosh and friend Roll Raida came for Revanth. Santhosh says that Sheehan is competing for his younger brother and Rohit is not the real competition. Roll Raida and Revanth talk about their friendship.

His younger brother Dimp and actor Prabhakar came for Rohit. Prabhakar said that Revanth is competing for Rohit and not Raj. He also said that winning the title is easy if he wins Revanth.

Sister Nagalakshmi and former contestant Lahari came for Adi Reddy. Nagalakshmi became emotional saying that she is blind and can’t see you. Adireddy said.. He got emotional saying that during my free time, our whole family survived on my sister’s pension.

His best friend Harika and actress Vishnupriya came for Srisatya. Harika said.. She told all the mischievous things Srisatya does. She also told her not to worry that her mother is being treated regularly. Srisatyaki said that Revanth is a competition and not a fame competition.

His friend Venky and Hero Saironak came and spoke for Raj. Raj is told that Revanth is a competition in the game and Inaya is not a competition.

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Later, Priyanka and Vithika Sheru came to fame. Vithika says.. you are sad that you have no one, but many outside are taking you as an ideal. Keerthi was told that it was Sirhan’s competition in the house and not Srisatya’s competition. Let’s see who will be eliminated in today’s episode.


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