Bigg Boss 14 Twist blows senses, these 4 contestants rejected on the grand premiere

To make Bigg Boss 14 a blockbuster, the makers have made many big changes in the show. Many examples of this were seen on the day of the Grand Premiere. A lot of twists will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. What is different in this time format is that the contestants had to face rejections on the very day of the show’s premiere.

Four contestants had to face rejection in the grand premiere telecast on Saturday. Now, how will the Journey proceed in all these shows, this suspense will reveal the curtain in Sunday’s episode. Meanwhile, tell you about those 4 contestants who have been rejected.

Rubina Dilac has appeared on the show with her husband Abhinav Shukla. The decision of both selection and rejections was to take Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan, Siddharth Shukla among the special audiences. The three of them put Rubina in the rejections list with mutual consent.

The three stormy seniors believed that Rubina is a popular face. In such a situation, her husband Abhinav should be given a chance. After this, Abhinav had to complete the task given by the stormy seniors and impress them to go inside the house. In which he succeeded.

Kumar Sanu’s sweetheart has also entered the Bigg Boss house. People with sweet smile were rejected as soon as they came to the Big Boss. This means they will have to face tough challenges.

The Guddan fame actor showed his swag as soon as he arrived. Nishant also spoke Salman Khan’s famous dialogue. Nishant was also rejected. Looking at Nishant’s intro video, it seems that he is going to make a break in season 14. There are many shades of his personality to be seen.

Famous singer, model and actress Sara Gurpal of Punjab won everyone’s heart as soon as she came to the Big Boss. But the stormy seniors have put a big challenge of rejections in front of Sara. Will have to see how Sarah can get rid of it.

What challenges will these rejected contestants have to face in the Big Boss house, it will be known only in the coming times. However, this time a twist of 2 weeks has been kept. Under which, the family has not yet been confirmed for the show. Only after 2 weeks will he get the confirmation tag from Stormy Seniors.


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