In the episode of the first weekend of Bigg Boss season 14, Salman Khan will be seen waking up a sleeping contestant. At the same time, many such secrets will also open which will blow the senses of not only Aijaz but also all the other contestants. The promo video of the Saturday episode of the show has come out in which Salman is seen classing the housemates.

Talking about the new contestants, Salman Khan supported Rubina Dilac, who is seen playing against the most aggressive and direction within the house so far. Salman said- Rubina, you can fight your own battle. Abhinav either silences you or leads you astray.

Salman told Rubina that you should do whatever you have to do to get ahead and Abhinav, let him fight on his own. Salman also gave a hint to Abhinav to be a bit active within the show. He said, “Kamal karte yaar Abhinav Shukla. Last season there was a Shukla in which people were sleeping. Now a Shukla has come which is going on.”

Salman Khan will also expose a secret associated with Ejaz Khan today. They will show a clip in which Siddharth Shukla and Ejaz Khan are seen having some conversation. Ijaz will tell about his past, how something happened in his life after which he has become quite awake.


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