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End of the week ka waar begins. Karan invites everybody. He says there were things flying in the house including an individual who needed to take off from the house without assignment because of the utilization of hands. How about we see what happened yesterday.

Day 21 8 AM

Everybody awakens to music. Nishant hits the dance floor with Moose. Shamita cries. Raqesh asks what was the deal? Neha attempts to brighten her up. Raqesh embraces her. Shamita cries. He touches her face. He says I am your little family here. Raqesh kisses her cheek. He says have a positive outlook on today.

10:30 AM

Nishant says see our Raqesh babu flying in his own reality. Reddening and being cheerful in his heart. The one grinning in his heart. Milint giggles and says frightened of Shamita Raqesh. Nishant continues to prod him. Milint giggles. Nishant says what is he thinking?

11 AM

Moose cries on the floor tongue in cheek. Pratik stimulates her. she says I need to clean the floor covering. He says you need to clean it from the tongue. Moose jokes how might she clean the rug. She says the soil continues to return. I’m dozing and I trust when I woke up it would be perfect.

Neha shows Pratik how to sing. Nishant says this is certifiably not a singing show. Neha shows Pratik the notes. Nishant, Moose, and Divya snicker. Neha says to Shamita she had a go at conversing with me. She said you will be glad when we as a whole leave. I said Akshara you think what is correct. Shamita says she’s an extremely befuddled and adverse individual. Neha says with cruel assessments. Shamita says I am an imbecile I went to her yesterday. Neha says I needed to stop you. Shamita says I know essentially I attempted.

1:15 PM

Pratik continues working on singing. He says desire or love? Neha says nothing. She contacts his abs and says stunning, he says what might be the camera’s reasoning. She says I realize you are agreeable. He says a many individuals have contacted my abs. Neha says individuals talk about solace and distress here.

1:30 PM

Raqesh says to Akshara for what reason did you say? She says it’s a major stage. Mother and father likewise needed me to come here. Individuals think little of Bhojpuri work. Raqesh says I had never seen the show all things considered. Outer things influence us. Yet, what you’re doing here isn’t right. You respond a ton. She says I respond in my cutoff points. He says inspiration is significant. Akshara says how? He says simply be positive. Akshara says I am. He says you’re seen adversely. I’m saying this as a senior sibling or companion. Mull over everything. Continue to grin and don’t surrender.

2 PM

Divya says I feel something similar. Akshara says I didn’t want to work. Individuals direct sentiments toward us at any rate. Divya says what did he say? Akshara says he continued saying I am negative. You have been what individuals like. Neha says then they ought to have upheld in the pyramid task. Akshara says they cut your resolve down. Milint says to disregard them. H said you don’t have a lot of time. Divya says you’re being positive with us. No more. How would they endure one another? Milint says shamita doesn’t allow him to talk. Divya says can’t individuals see for what reason would she say she is harmed? Her accomplice left her thus did her companions. Akshara says nobody is imagining that. Milint says they couldn’t care less. He needed to stress you. Let it out. Simply reveal to them this is the sort of person I am. Divya says this is the thing that I don’t care for about Shamita. You converse with individuals sometimes. She doesn’t converse with individuals.

3:15 PM

Divya peruses today associations have ac opportunity to win an extravagance spending plan. All young men need to cause their associations with feel exceptional. Divya will be the skipper of this assignment and pick the champ where the person has spoiled his association the best. You will get a decent hamper. Your first errand will begin. The folks need to style their associations. In the subsequent part, they will cook for them. The young ladies can propose them yet not help.. The third assignment is that all associations would go to the nursery and they will introduce it to their young ladies. Divya will pick who was the best association. They will be the champs.

They all go to the store and bring out nail trim and pedicure packs. Akshara says it has begun Gaba. Nishant says it’s your day so we should do your nail treatment. Pratik makes Neha wear a neckband. Nishant kneads Moose’s feet. Shamita says close this. Nishant says is this spoiling or requesting task? They giggle. Raqesh does Shamita’s pedicure. She says heartfelt.. He says meet me outside this house. He says you have lovely legs. Don’t says don’t be so extra. Nishant rubs Moose’s feet. Divya says Boss what’s going on with Raqesh. Shamita chuckles. Pratik does Neha’s cosmetics. Divya says essentially he realizes where molding is finished. Raqesh says she’s making commotions. Divya says folks can’t say anything negative no one but young ladies can. Shamita says I am in paradise.

Miling does Akshara’s cosmetics. He says see this. Nishant puts a nail paint on Moose’s hands. Divya says finished with knead? Raqesh says needs to do a ton. Divya snickers and says I am out. Nishant says the nail paint is finished. Shamita says thank you Raqesh. Milint says how would I make you more excellent you’re now so wonderful Akshara.

4:15 PM

Raqesh does Shamita’s cosmetics. Pratik does Neha’s cosmetics. Divya says I need to go around to a great extent while different young ladies are being spoiled. Raqesh makes a tattoo on Shamita’s neck. Divya says that is not spoiling. Pratik rubs Neha’s back. Divya says cameras would you be able to perceive what’s happenig. Akshara takes a gander at them. Raqesh says see this.

5:30 PM

The ringer blasts. Divya says the primary assignment is finished. The following errand is to cook to dazzle. Milint begins cooking. Akshara says you need to add vegetables like seared rice. Shamita says to Raqesh you can’t be a gourmet expert. Divya says young ladies don’t need to work at all today. Every one of the folks are cooking. Raqesh eats. Shamita says you are eating yourself as opposed to cooking.

5:45 PM

Moose says I am underage for liquor however I am tipsy.. Nishant says if it’s not too much trouble, send some for me. Perceive how your OTT changes. Moose says done in a day. Moose says no champagne. We need to run. Nishant says I need bourbon. Nishant says then give us some errand, we will all be out. Everybody giggles. Nishant says I do my enchantment when I am inebriated. I will ensure everybody commonly concurs. I will give you designations for the eighth week as well. Send 4 liter.

Divya asks Akshara how could you like seeing their association? Akshara says I am glad for them. I’m a human, it feels terrible. We were together and presently he’s doing all that for her. We were companions had a good time bunch. I have taken in a great deal.

7:30 PM

Bell booms. Raqesh says all prepared. The young ladies come out. They sit on their date tables. Divya says extremely lovely set up. The folks have buckled down. I think that its hard to pick one. Milint serves the food. Nishant comes. Pratik comes as well. He clarifies his dish. Neha says we don’t have forks all things considered. Milint puts a red rose is Akshara’s hair. Akshara kisses his cheek. Raqesh says let me come. He carries the food to the cutting board. Divya says exceptionally inventive. He says this dish is considered focused ablaze. Everybody giggles. Milint says I made frosted tea. He gives a cup to Divya as well. Divya says exceptionally pleasant. Raqesh gives the beverage to shamita. She says as much well. Make this consistently. Shamita eats and says exceptionally pleasant.

Nishant says Moose doesn’t care for zesty. She prefers desserts. So I made a treat halwa for her. I made watermelon juice for her. Shamita says make this juice for me consistently. He says no. He makes her eat. Moose gets some information about dating when you were more youthful? He says they likewise had an adoration marriage, my mother is extremely lovely and my father is south Indian. so they trust in adoration. They don’t meddle in my life. I’m not enthused about getting hitched at this point. Or then again perhaps I haven’t met anybody. I’m totally different outside. I work a great deal, drink, chill, travel, and work. At the point when I began working I was zeroing in on connections however they made me late in my vocation. Moose says I had a FOMO. I felt like I am not gf material. Then, at that point I understood that it’s simply individuals. I have shaky life.

Milint says in case I weren’t anyplace, you were to me. You came a bit late and my options were limited. Pratik asks how would you like? Neha says you suck. She chuckles and says much obliged. The affection and care that I anticipated from you, you did it. Nishant says you don’t have consistently must have a relationship. Moose says I have been distant from everyone else for some time. Nishant says I have been distant from everyone else for such a long time. Moose says I don’t sit tight for a really long time by the same token. I travel alone. Be that as it may, I like organization and I like talking. To trade considerations. It’s significant for me.

Pratik says I turned out to be so alright with somebody in a modest interestingly. I wish you all beneficial things throughout everyday life and that we win the prize. Music plays. Raqesh and Shamita dance on ishq wala love. Nishant and Pratik dance as well. Everybody applauds. Moose and Nishant dance as well. Milint and Akshara dance as well. Shamita takes Divya out as well. They all dance on hamma tune. Everybody does free-form dance. Janam plays. Milint hits the dance floor with Akshara. Pratik and Neha dance as well.

Bigg Boss says Divya, time for you to report the victor association. Divya says I need to say something regarding every one of the associations. Things that I took note. Neha and Pratik. Your excursion had been fascinating. Seeing both of you resembles seeing two insane individuals together. It’s a decent way. Pratik spoils every one of the young ladies around him. Raqesh and Shamita, Raqesh has buckled down. He has done a ton of exertion. Nishant and Moose, I call them insane. Everything is so normal about you all. Milint and Akshara are ideal illustration of an unadulterated kinship. The champ, I trust all of you concur. It’s Nisho and Moose. Everybody applauds. Divya says it’s not intended for Nisho, it’s intended for Moose. We as a whole spoil. Nobody would despise if Moose eats scrumptious food sitting in the corners. Everybody applauds. Nishant says bless your heart. He embraces Divya. Moose embraces her. She says you’re so sweet.

8:30 PM

Chime rings. Moose goes to take her to the hamper. She says I trust it’s acceptable. There are 4 packs with chocolates, noodles, nuggests. Nishant says I won’t share. Moose says I love it. How about we go shroud it. She brings them out and says we can’t show to you Raqesh. Your heart will hurt. He says is there espresso? Moose says a ton of things. Raqesh says appreciate. Moose conceals the stuff.

Milint says the manner in which Moose and Nishant were regular, Pratik and Neha were made up. Divya says Nishant and Moose will be companions outside too. You can’t utter a word about others. Akshara says they are largely living contents. Akshara says Milint and didn’t get time. Divya says yes.

9:15 PM

Bigg Boss says report card time. The crowd isn’t content with the present presentation. This will influence your Monday. It will be told. Moose says it’s OK.

1 AM

Divya says he asked me how solid are Raqesh and Shamita as associations? Nishant says zero. Divya says ikr. They have not aced any assignment. Akshara rubs Nishant’s head. Divya says it’s simply that they have a fanbase. I don’t think they are that well for season 15. Akshara says no. Nishant says they will be there. Divya says no. Divya says not even 20% of what occurs in the enormous show. We are not out there. The frenzy for captaincy.

End of the week ka waar begins.

Karan says we will survey the activity till now. As a maker and chief, I am extremely invigorated. Today will be dingy. Karan invites everybody. He says all of you came to three weeks. I’m semi-fixated on you. All of you are near my heart. I see your countenances each day. All families battle. This is the last day of the third week. He wishes them janmashtami and says I heard all of you arranged a few festivals. He asks Nishant. Nishant says we arranged a dance for you and the crowd. We are prepared to show you.

Divya and Shamita start the exhibition with Radha kaisay na jalay. Raqesh hits the dance floor with them. Akshara and Neha come. Pratik and Milint come as well. Nishant and Moose come eventually and dance on Radha on the floor. Karan appreciates. They all dance together. He says I have moved a great deal of this melody. Very much done. He says I adored the mixes. Shamita, Divya and Raqesh. Looked like dil tou pagal hai. What’s more, Raqesh you entered like a saint. You young ladies were phenomenal. He says and afterward.. the magnificent bloom. Neha and Akshara. Neha did you fail to remember every one of the means to see Akshara? She says we both neglected. He says then Gaba and Pratik. Pratik you resemble a nursery. Then, at that point Moose and Nishant on my main tune and took my moves. Moose you got the moves. She says I am prepared for your next film. He says without a doubt.

Karan asks how are new associations? Pratik says cheerful. Karan says will you change the party once more? They say no. Pratik says I am truly alright with Neha. It’s ideal for me. Neha snickers. Karan inquires as to for what reason would you say you are snickering? She says your looks. He asks Gaba. Gaba says it feels better. We are old buddies. It’s blossoming. Akshara giggles. Karan says as much blossoming that you were leaving? He says I required preparing. He says what pouting.

Karan requests that Raqesh and Shamita stand and investigate each other’s eyes. He says now go to the storeroom. They bring popcorn. Karan says you will get a report card through which you will show the amount you think about one another. You contemplate others more than yourself. I need to show you others’ thought process you. I will show you a photograph and you need to determine what are they thinking.

The principal picture is Zeeshan and Milint tossing Nishant in the pool. He asks Nishant what was happening in his heart? He says I figured I will suffocate the two of them. Karan says I knew it. He says Neha you are likewise there. She says I resembled at long last everybody is in the pool. He shows the following photograph with Neha, Zeeshan, and Gaba. Pratik and Raqesh are in the corner. Karan asks what is happening to you Pratik? He says I was believing she’s I requested that she go to Gaba, she was conversing with Zeeshan more. Karan says would you say you were envious? He says no. He asks Akshara what was happening to Neha. Akshara says she is consistently pitiful. She should discuss another person. Nishant says Neha begins her tape. We resembled when she let Gaba talk. He asks Raqesh see this.

Raqesh takes a gander at Shamita cooking and Moose is additionally there. He asks Raqesh what was happening in your heart? Also, Shamita for what reason would you say you are timid? Pratik says he resembled I need to eat this once more. Karan says as in Shamit? Everybody giggles. Shamita says he didn’t care for this dress the slightest bit. He was demanding evolving. Karan says that is an exceptional Shahrukh look. What was in your heart Raqesh? He says when I am in the kitchen I am contemplating food as it were. he says is Shamita food? He says she’s scrumptious. Everybody chuckles. Karan says you should ponder sharara. Akshara said she used to move to this melody in the subsequent norm. Shamita says I feel old at this point. He says Shamita I need you to show Raqesh the progression.

Shamita moves on sharara and instructs Raqesh. Raqesh says she’s exceptionally hot and extremely mindful. She’s an extraordinary individual. Karan says say something regarding her hotness. He says she is exceptionally hot. Shamita says as much embarrassingly. Karan says you said he glanced adorable in his white kurta and pajama. You asked him for a kiss? She says no. We as a whole saw it. You said I need a kiss at this moment. She says he said something mean. Karan says don’t advise me. I know everything. They all giggle.

Karan asks Akshara what do you think? She says it’s charming however it didn’t occur before us. Akshara says Shamita’s cheeks are red. He says now the front view. A similar picture has Nishant on the opposite side and snickering. He asks Nishant for what reason would you say you are chuckling? He says something was occurring in the kitchen. Moose and I were giggling. Moose says I said he will not go out on the grounds that Shamita doesn’t need him to converse with Divya. He was humiliated. He had a doggy face and we were chuckling at that. Karan says Nishant you giggle at him a ton. Nishant says individuals bother him here so it makes me giggle. We know one another. He prods me outside. Karan says for what reason would he say he is not doing that here? He says I don’t have a clue.

Karan says who thinks Raqesh is frightened of Shamita? Everybody sets up their hand. Karan says Shamita, how are you doing this helpless man. He’s frightened of you. She says I don’t have a clue what to do. He says she’s a sharara who will not be frightened. Neha says everybody is frightened of her a bit. She eats roti from a fork and blade. Shamita says no I don’t. I eat by the hand.

The following picture and Akshara, Moose, and Nishant sitting. Karan asks Shamita who might Akshara be glancing in such displeasure? Also, what might she think? Shamita says I am certain it’s me. Karan says you additionally raised that she was gazing at you. Shamita says she gives me knife looks with devoid articulations. He says it’s her resting face. Everybody chuckles. He asks Neha do you like the manner in which Akshara is sitting. She says indeed, goodness the legs. He asks Moose? She says I think she was thinking who to battle against and noticing. It should be Neha or Shamita. She should think to assault her on. He asks Neha. Neha says she should be taking a gander at me. I feel like she’s taking a gander at me and afterward I am taking a gander at her. Karan says Akshara you’ve befuddled everybody. She says that is something to be thankful for.

Karan shows a photograph of Pratik and Neha with Neha’s head on his shoulder. Neha says just appreciation. It seems like 16 once more. Pratik says she needs 10 embraces every day. I feel OK with her. I say what I need. He says you get mother feels? Is it accurate to say that she is your mother? He says dislike that. I feel truly good. I can communicate my feelings to her. 18+ or not. Karan says I am not your adoration envoy. Pratik says I felt better. He asks are there rises in the heart? He says a little. Everybody snickers. Karan says admission. Neha says you will get me to hit outside. Karan says this is an alternate world. Pratik says what occurs here, stays here. Karan says Pratik isn’t helping you by any means. He’s expressing unusual things. Pratik says we continue to pursue one another and hit each other to a great extent. Karan says this sounds so off-base. Shamita says she feels like she’s protected in this house. Pratik says protected with the most risky individual. Karan says when you came here nobody would believe you’re the most perilous. Shamita says he’s safe for just Neha. He asks Neha is Pratik protected or dangerous? She says dangerous. He used to see a mother in a meet as well. Don’t have a clue the number of spots he used to see mother into. In a couple of days, he discovered another mother. Everybody chuckles. Karna says it’s so strange. You are here to discover a mother? Pratik says related characteristics of individuals with your family and feel like home. He says do you see mummy is Raqesh? He says no dada.

The following photograph is Zeeshan zooming a camera on Pratik and Raqesh is taking a gander at them with a grin. He asks Nishant what’s happening to him? Nishant says he should ponder food and Shamita’s sans gluten food. Karan says as much he wasn’t pondering their battle? Nishant says not under any condition. Karan says replay that strolls pratik. Pratik strolls on the tune. Everybody chuckles. He says Divya for what reason would you say you are so annoyed? You got it. You parade it.

He says time for the following assignment. A few associations are solid here and some are feeble. We should perceive how well you know one another. Milint and Akshara start things out. Karan requests tone from Aksshara’s eye tone? The two of them compose brown. He asks her main tune. The two of them compose something similar. Akshara sings a similar melody. Karan says who was it for? Try not to come here. She says Pratik. Pratik says I have changed my way. Karan says there are turns. He says I have somebody to stroll on the turns. He asks her #1 shading. The two of them write in blue. Karan says when is Akshara’s birthday? Milint says tomorrow. Karan says glad birthday. Karan asks will sing or food satisfy her? The two of them ring singing. Karan asks which obligation Milint detests? Gaba composes latrine, Akshara composes cleaning the house. Karan asks who’s acting guiltless and doing their thing. The two of them compose Raqesh. Karan asks who might Akshara save, Neha or Shamita? Everybody chuckles. Akshara composes Shamita, Gaba says she will discard it. He says Gaba composed Shamita. Everybody says awww. Karan asks Shamita would you say you are amazed? She says yes. Neha says I am cheerful she’s expression reality with regards to me. Karan asks who might Gaba never cook for? The two of them compose nobody. Karan says who might you devote this exchange to. Rowdiness is an illness. The two of them compose Neha. Neha says not shocked. Karan says 7/10. Not terrible. Gaba says needs additional time.

Neha and Pratik next. Karan asks who does Neha can’t endure? The two of them compose Akshara. Karan says all around done. Karan says individual inquiry. What number of abs does he have? Both compose 6. Karan asks who prompts. The two of them compose Divya. Divya says I have conclusions. She says they don’t care for reality. Pratik says she powers the fire. Neha says Divya pauses in case there are issues, she utilizes them against one another. Karan says Divya isn’t annoyed. Karan says as an association what’s your most exceedingly awful quality? Karan asks the number of tattoos does he have. Pratik says I don’t recollect myself. Neha says 7 and Pratik 6. Karan asks what number of fighters does he have? Neha composes 10. Pratik composes 9. Karan says again off. Karan asks what does Neha smell like? Neha composes hotness and Pratik composes bubblegum. Everybody snickers. Karan says it’s something you bite on. Karan says who might you request to quiet down. Both compose Divya. Karan says your score is..

Next association Raqesh and Shamita. What does Shamita do in the first part of the day? Shamita says implore high temp water. Raqesh says composes drinks high temp water. Karan says whose skin is better? Shamita composes mine and Raqesh composes Shamita. Karan inquires as to whether Divya expands her joy who might concur? Both compose Raesh. Karan says this was self-evident. Karan asks in which week will Raqesh comprehend things right away. Shamita composes sixth. Raqesh says never. Karan says who has more possibilities on winning? Both compose Shamita. Karan asks which association has the most risk from both of you. Shamita composes Pratik Neha and Raqesh composes Moose and Nishant. Karan says unmistakably you are frightened of various connetions. Karan asks what amount sugar does Raqesh like in tea? Both compose 2 tbsp. Karan asks who is a style debacle. Raqesh composes Akshara and Shamita composes Moose. Shamita says she has an interesting style. Karan says don’t conceal. Karan asks what three things Raqesh does prior to dozing? Everybody giggles. Neha says he takes my bed. Shamita composes Tea, brush, and bother. Raqesh composes brush, wash face, supplicate. Neha says consistently tea. Neha says he dozes late. Karan asks what number of creams does Shamita employments? Both compose 10. Karan says who might you request to not do any support on you. Shamita composes Divya and Raqesh composes Pratik. Karan says why Pratik? Raqesh says yes. Shamita says he will comprehend the game later. Karan says we will uncover the score later.

Moose and Nishant come. Karan asks who’s more steadfast? Moose composes Nishant and Nishant composes Moose. Karan asks who plays compassion card the most? Both compose Neha. Karan asks what does Nishant do prior to dozing? b*t*hing or supplicating? Both compose b*t*hing. Karan says what a b*t*h Nishant. Moose says he can’t rest. Karan says who is giving talks constantly. Nishant composes Divya and Moose composes Neha. Karan asks who flips the most? Moose composes Raqesh and Nishant composes Neha. Karan asks who became from saint to focus in this house? Nishant composes Raqesh and Moose composes Pratik. She says I used to like him not currently. Pratik says OK. Shock. I don’t what befalls her on ends of the week. Karan asks who would you like to advise you to demolish my brain. The two of them compose Pratik and Neha. Neha says they are envious. Karan says Pratik what’s going on? Nishant says they bother us such a great amount with their singing classes. Everybody moves. Karan says Pratik you can’t sing, please. Also, Neha you’re instructing him? Neha says he continues to ask me. Pratik says I am attempting. Neha will show me something. Karan asks which leg does Nishant places in the jeans first? Nishant composes right and Moose composes left. Everybody giggles. Moose says I don’t watch him wearing jeans. Karan asks what number of piercings do moose have? Nishant composes 2 and Moose composes 3. Karan asks which is Nishant’s #1 resting position? Neha says how would you compose this? Moose composes knee pestering somebody. Karan says what is that.

Karan says Divya since you don’t have an association. What do you think? Who has the ideal association. She says Milint and Akshara are incidental associations. Moose and Nishant are youth love. Neha and Pratik hot living relationship. Shamita and Raqesh are new love. Akshara and Milint have organized marriage. Karan says who has counterfeit association? She says Neha Pratik. He asks genuine? She says Moose and Nishant. Karan asks constrained? She says I constrained Raqesh to be with Shamita. He says would you say you are vexed? She says no I am pausing. He says who are you sitting tight for? She says send some person. He says entertaining. She says everybody was spoiling. Karan says do you figure you could make him stay? Divya says we as a whole addressed him about his temper. We are for the most part grown-ups. Karan says this probably made you fully aware of similarity. He requests that Milint and Akshara bring something from the store.

Gaba and Akshara bring aloe vera juice. They fill the glasses. Karan says the genuine player is the person who realizes who to trust and who no. The following test will reveal to you that. These are shots. These are treachery shots. You cried, you had hearts broken. You can deliver retribution on the individual who double-crossed you. Take that individual you think the traitor and offer them the chance. Karan asks Raqesh. He says it’s intended for Divya. She was my companion and there is disloyalty. There was an undertaking, she named me. She got individual. Her companionship is likewise broken with Shamita. Divya says talk regarding yourself. He offers it to Divya. She says it’s actual terrible. Shamita comes straightaway. She says Divya. The explanation is something similar. We were companions, this has gotten sharp. What Raqesh said, she got extremely close to home. She continued rehashing exactly the same things and once more. She gives one more to Divya.

Neha comes. She says I need to offer it to Gaba. The things that he has said about me have harmed me a ton. He knows it. I don’t figure we will at any point be companions. He deceived me, I double-crossed him. So we can isolate this. Pratik comes. He says I need to offer it to Moose. I think of her as my companion however she expresses abnormal things. He makes Moose drink it. Moose says to Nishant. Karan says what? Everybody is stunned. Moose says there is a disloyalty by anybody to me in that capacity. I advised him to trust me. Be that as it may, it shakes. She makes him drink. Nishant says I will likewise make her beverage. Everything is awesome. She has some association with Pratik. Karan says it’s regarding vengeance. Pratik offered it to Moose and you think Moose has feelings for Pratik? Nishant says more fellowship. Karan says have things changed? Did she become unreliable since Neha came? He says it’s not envy. She has an assessment and she talks a ton about it. Karan says it’s a fragmented kinship. Akshara offers it to Pratik. Akshara says I had expectations and trust. He broke it. Pratik says we didn’t have an alternative yet the young ladies did. We didn’t have feelings of resentment however we will not gab by the same token. I could converse with Neha. We didn’t have science.

Gaba says Neha. We had trust and backing. All that I had spun around her.

Scene closes.

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