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Karan comes in front of an audience and says what will befall me? I will miss every single second. They all turned into my family. I can’t really accept that I will not come here tomorrow. This house will be unfilled. My eyes will rain tomorrow. I will miss this house all day, every day. How might I live work the following season? How about we see what occurred in the house last day.

Day 41 8 Am

Everybody awakens moving to budhu sa mann. Nishant says it’s pouring on the last day.

9:15 AM

Raqesh Divya get up. She says you rest the entire day in shamita’s bed. He says when? Divya says you attempt to be my father in light of the fact that nobody else pays attention to you. Raqesh says get up. She says you’re resting yourself.

1 PM

Divya peruses today is your last evening. It will be entertaining. All of you need to drama. Raqesh and Shamita will be a couple. Raqesh is a foodie and his better half Shamita needs him to eat without gluten just such as herself. Divya is their neighbor. She makes Raqesh’s #1 dishes. Will she win Raqesh’s heart or will Shamita and Raqesh’s adoration gets over this tempest named Divya. Shamita snickers.

Production number 2. Nishant is an intermediary. He has a 100% matchmaking record. He is attempting to get Divya and Pratik together. Albeit on first gathering Divya and Pratik acknowledge they can’t be together yet Nishant continues to attempt to keep up with his 100% record.

1:30 PM

Raqesh says it’s karwa chauth. Shamita believes I’m not eating however I am eating in the workplace.

5 PM

Bigg supervisor says the multi day live streaming will end today with an extraordinary presentation. Bharti and Harsh come in. Everybody is glad to see him. Bharti says Prayik you look so great. Brutal says all of you look so great. You have accomplished such a great deal. Bharti has watched it to such an extent. Bharti says I know where Raqesh gets lost final evening. Cruel says we will have a good time here. Bharti says nobody revealed to me I look fit. Bharti says when we leave we will take one of you here. Bharti says Nishant was dance dewane’s center. However, the show is as yet running. Neha says I cherished Neha. At the point when Pratik and Neha would talk, it seemed as though dada and her grandson are talking. They snicker. Cruel says Divya I need to applaud you. You battled everybody alone. Your fans are glad however Varun’s mother father are stressed. Divya says why? He says they are saying will she gone to our home as DIL? They are terrified. Cruel says they are companions now. The adoration is finished. Bharti says he needs sans gluten as it were. Unforgiving says what’s in bapat that is not in me? Bharti says take a gander at your face. Bharti says I watch it all day, every day to see Raqesh talking. Cruel says when you and Shamita battle, you fix up. Bharti says when we battle we hit each other’s legs. Cruel says prior to leaving all of you need to say something adverse to someone else.

Raqesh says to Nishant. He says my help was less from him in the show. Be that as it may, it’s alright. We have been companions for a long time. Be that as it may, it’s alright. Nishant says he’s right. I’m happy he’s idiom it straightforwardly. We will figure it out when we go out. Divya comes out. Raqesh says you get haughty now and then and you move a great deal while talking. Shamita comes. Raqesh says Shamita.. Bharti says approach. He says she’s really amazing for certain feelings and it alarms individuals even me. Shamita kisses his cheek. Raqesh says about Pratik he doesn’t allow others to talk. He is excessively uproarious. Unforgiving says now your negative point. raqesh says I can’t deal with battles and commotion. I’m an idealist. Brutal says you’re straightforward.

Unforgiving says we heard all of you have arranged a drama. How about we do gluten bhari sautan. Raqesh says mummy yes? I’m not eating. I’m fasting. I haven’t eaten. Shamita calls. She makes proper acquaintance child. Shamita says I am truly eager. Is it true that you are fasting? He says nothing. She says much obliged. Shamita says you quick with me consistently. You’re so sweet. Divya calls and says hello there child. What will you eat? He says whatever you make. She says your better half didn’t make anything? He says she just makes slaps. She says when will you come this evening? He says I will come.

Shamita says to Raqesh where right? Your telephone was occupied. He says I was grinding away. She says I made without gluten food. He says it’s karwa chauth. I need to eat something delicious. She says it tackled a ton of your medical issues. Your mother sent sargi and I destroyed it. It wasn’t without gluten. Raqesh says would you say you are insane? I will pass on. Shamita brings without gluten food. He says I will not eat it. I will pass on. He swoons. Divya says your significant other killed you with her without gluten food. He’s so feeble. Shamita says who right? She says your neighbor and I deal with your better half’s stomach and heart. Shamita says Raqesh almond free milk. Divya says he drinks my tea. Shamita says Raqesh eat this. Divya says eat this sandwich. Shamita says what’s going on here? Raqesh says Divya where right? She says come. Shamita cries and says sans gluten. Divya says how about we go eat frozen yogurt.

Nishant comes for the following play. Raqesh says did your folks bring forth you with the shared understanding? He says it was too shared that I chose to turn into a go between. I made a match of Karan and Ridhima. They battled such a lot of that they were removed. Then, at that point I made a match among Raqesh and Shamita. I have almost 100% record of matchmaking. Presently the following wedding will make it 100%. Divya calls Nishant and says if it’s not too much trouble, get me a person with 6 packs. I need to get hitched. Nishant says inform me regarding yourself as well. She says I need a person who gets me what I need. Somebody who doesn’t call me fat. He ought to be rich and decent as well. He says I will accomplish something. According to request, we have Pratk. Divya and Pratik meet. The two of them battle. She says who is this. Nishant says don’t battle. He says her nose resembles a pakora. Divya says your nose resembles a shoe. Nishant says I can coordinate with you both and make it 100%. He says an artist would work Divya? Divya says an artist will be OK. He says he drinks? Divya says I drink as well. He says accompany me. He gets in sheet with her. Pratik comes and says I was sitting tight for you outside. He has a spouse and children. Divya beats him. Shamita says he’s set to be taken to jail. Brutal and Bharti applaud.

Cruel says now an ideal opportunity for grants. They pick the honors. Cruel says I will declare the name of the honor and I will call somebody to give it. First is Got to Go. Nishant says I will offer it to Pratik. Everybody was terrified of his battles and everybody attempted to keep away from him. Pratik says many thanks. Cruel says Divya next grant is would you say you are my mom? Somebody who attempts to be everybody’s mother? She says I will offer it to Shamita. She continues to say for what reason isn’t it clean? For what reason is food not prepared. Shamita says thank you for recognizing my diligent effort. Brutal says Shamita next grant isn’t ok forever. Somebody around whom life isn’t protected. She says I will offer it to Pratik. He strolls around naked. Everybody chuckles. Shamita says he talks to such an extent. He’s additionally charming. Unforgiving says the following honor is Get over it. Somebody who continues to bring past. He says Shamita. She continues to battle with Raqesh over old things. Shamita says thank you for caring regarding Raqesh. Unforgiving says next is Do not upset. Somebody who continues to upset others. Raqesh offers it to Nishant. Unforgiving says next is recover soon. Somebody who gets all the recording. Raqesh offers it to Pratik.

Cruel says the following game is that there will be two accomplices. One will have water in their mouth and the other should make them giggle to get it out. First are Shamita and Nishant. Shamita places water in her mouth. Nishant says recall that evening Gayo? Gayo? Shamita giggles. Divya and Raqesh come. Divya says would it be advisable for me to call Shamita bhabhi? You like her right? Bhabhi.. Raqesh giggles. The water falls. Nishant and Pratik come. Nishant drinks water. Pratik behaves like Karan. Nishant chuckles. Pratik takes water in mouth. Bharti says who can make him chuckle? Shamita says Nishant. Raqesh says recall when Neha was concerned when you were going to squeeze bell? Divya says let me get blossom like Neha? Pratik drinks the water. Bharti says he will win.

Cruel says the following one is extremely straightforward. Our #1 individual is Raqesh. There is a chit there. There are circumstances in the chit that occurred in this house. You need to draw them and others need to get it. Raqesh peruses the chit and draws fingers. Shamita says Nishant is making everybody dance on his finger. Bharti says right. Pratik comes straightaway. He makes a young lady. Nishant says Shamita. He makes a camera. Raqesh says she’s requesting without gluten flour. Bharti says right. Nishant comes straightaway. Nishant makes many individuals. Divya says they are on the whole battling. Somebody is staying there and seeing them. Pratik says that is Raqesh and everybody is yelling at him. Nishant says right.

Brutal says the following game is we will address with fill in the spaces. In the event that all detainees concur with your reply, it’s OK in the event that they don’t you will suffocate in the water. Pratik comes. Brutal says Nishant, Pratik is ____. Nishant says whiny little child. Everybody concurs with the exception of Pratik. Pratik says I am not. Divya additionally conflicts. Brutal says now Nishant needs to go in the pool.. Nishant hops in the pool and says it’s so cold. Shamita comes the following. Cruel asks Shamita’s dressing sense is _____. Raqesh says stunning. Nishant concurs. Divya and Pratik clash. Raqesh hops in the pool. Cruel asks Pratik Raqesh’s funny bone is _____. He says astonishing. Everybody diagress. Pratik bounces in the pool. Brutal asks Shamita conversing with Divya gives you _____.. Shamita says cerebral pain. Everybody conflicts. Shamita bounces in the pool. Brutal says ______ will be the champ. Divya says me. Everybody conflicts. She bounces in the pool. Everybody bounces with her. Bharti says all leap on the grounds that Bigg Boss OTT live finishes here. Everybody says yayyy.

Cruel says now Bharti will take the name of the individual who will go with her. Pratik says it’s Harsh. Bharti says you’re correct. It’s Harsh, none of you. Bharti says the live stream finishes here. You triumph when it’s all said and done the last couple of seconds to appreciate. See you all outside. They all say farewell. Bharti says best of luck. Bharti and Harshdeep leave. Bharti says the very best. They all dance together. Bigg Boss says like you were told, after this evening, the live streaming will end. Everybody applauds. Bigg Boss says the crowd will see you tomorrow. They all dance and embrace one another.

6:45 PM

Pratik says it was enjoyable. Divya embraces Pratik. Nishant says my matchmaking worked. Pratik says I would prefer not to go out with an awful inclination.

7:30 PM

Shamita says all cameras are off. Divya says to go to Raqesh Shamita. She says shut up. Divya says we did likewise. Nishant says your sovereign is here Shamita. Shamita snickers. Shamita says the camera is in reality off. Pratik says go to Raqesh. Divya says Raqesh Shamita is calling you. Cameras are off. Kiss now. Shamita is bashful. Raqesh says would you say you are insane? Divya says Shamita Raqesh is calling you. Shamita says stop it. Divya says nobody is seeing at this point. Do it. Shamita says no. Nishant says come on. They all push Shamita towards Raqesh and put a cover on them. Pratik says they did. Everybody snickers. Shamita says you numbskulls.

Finale Starts

Karan invites everybody. All old hopefuls are there. Karan says 6 weeks, they made a great deal of clamors, finished undertakings, made associations. However, they made an association with every one of the fans. The person who made the best association with the crowd will win it. We have our best 5 competitors. Shamita, Raqesh, Pratik, Divya, and Nishant. Today we will compose cheerfully ever after of this story. How about we see who wins this prize and 25 lacs. Karan says we should invite our ex-hopefuls. Hi Neha. One evening of opportunity that you got. What are your considerations? She says I cried. The group resembled it’s simply a game. She says it was a particularly weird inclination. I felt like I am leaving my home. Karan says now you’re back to life so that is your inconvenience. Neha says my excursion was astounding. I miss my companions. Karan says I trust you figure out how to keep them. Karan says Akshara you look beautiful. Did you meet everybody? She says I did. My excursion was astounding. It had high points and low points and I took in a ton. He says now the entire of India knows you. Akshara says much obliged.

Karan says with no further farewell how about we invite our finalists. They go to the parlor. Bigg Boss says the excursion to the prize is only a couple of hours away. We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. You made this house a home and made it bursting at the seams with your words, moves, battles. Your feelings and words eased up this house. In a couple of hours, you will take off from this house for your home. This house will be unfilled and dull once more. In any case, this time is to celebrate. You made it an effective season. You won the hearts of the crowd. You have composed your name ever. All of you have won hears. We will want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. Everybody says thank you Bigg Boss. They all throw champagne together. The camera opens. Karan says, welcome finalists. Bunches of festivities ahead.

Karan says who has butterflies in their stomach? Shamita says, everybody. Pratik says may the best one successes or I will break the prize. Karan says Nishant how would you feel? He says I gave a valiant effort. I’m extremely energized. Every one of the 5 of us are meriting. Karan says don’t attempt to be political today. He says I am attempting just today. He says Shamita this was your additional opportunity? She says I feel apprehensive. It was not quite the same as the last excursion. I have taken in a ton in this house. I couldn’t say whether I did well or wrong. He says you’re a finalist. He asks Raqesh, we as a whole saw you emerging from your usual range of familiarity. How would you feel? He says I got support from everybody. I’m ready to confront these circumstances. He says to raise a toast to yourself. Karan says Pratik when you came you will be the most hated and irritating competitor however you refuted them. How could you change? He says I am exceptionally outrageous. Every one of my feelings are outrageous. It was all genuine. We should see. Karan says it’s anything but a little arrangement to be a finalist. He says Divya, very much done. She says bless your heart. Karan says do you feel was playing without association advantage? She says when individuals liked it made me solid. It made me exceptionally certain with regards to myself. I made an association with my own self. I played the game with both heart and psyche.

Karan says all of you confronted such countless things inside these 42 says. It was engaging. We will all make history together here. This season has been a hit and Voot got a great deal of endorsers. You made this show a blockbuster. Congratulations to everybody. You will all rest in your bed. One of you will have the best rest. The very first champ of Bigg manager OTT and 25 lacs. Everybody says yayy. Karan says every one of you will give thank you discourse. In any case, the wind is that you will offer it to someone else.

Karan says Nishant, you will give Shamita’s discourse. Nishant says thank you Karan and everybody. I might want to say thanks to Raqesh. Since he never ate my sans gluten things. I might want to say thanks to Divya for showing me my triangle. Then, at that point on account of Nishant. Without him, my genuine character will not come out. Much obliged to you, everybody, thank you Neha my bff. Much obliged to you cameras for giving me such a lot of film. Shamita says what was that. I’m not so modern? Everybody says you are. Karan says now Pratik will do it for Divya. Pratik says Pratik battled such a great amount with me. Ooooo I won. I had such a lot of tea. I dozed and was so new. I played alone. I have such countless phony companions. Thank ou everybody. Divya says this was ludicrous. I didn’t rest my direction to the finale. Karan says Divya you will do it for Nishant. Divya says I don’t have a clue.. this was my fantasy. My 3 5 worked. Karan utilized my exchange. He says prepares my vodka. We did talk and b*t*hing. I acknowledge that I won with b*t*hing. I will open Bigg supervisor foundation and train everybody how to win. Karan says this was awesome. Karan says Shamita, do it for Pratik. She says much obliged. I battled with everybody. Much thanks to you, mother. I showed everybody my shirt-less body to get more film. Much thanks to you. Karan says Raqesh, you need to do it for your own self. Raqesh says I never figured I would enter through this entryway. Much obliged to you for bringing me here and getting me this spot thus much learning. Karan says all around done.

Karan says now thank individuals who assisted you with being here. Our extremely desirous ex-contenders.

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